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Most Popular Engagement Rings of 2020

March 19, 2020

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At Marrow, we’re known for our custom white diamond engagement rings and stacking bands, among other things like heirloom reworks, right hand rings, and stacking bands.  Our Marrow Babes tend to veer towards something a little trendier, more bespoke, and more custom than what is sold at generic jewelry stores and online sites. 

We want our clients to always be happy and beyond excited about their engagement ring purchases, so we’re rounding up the most popular engagement rings we’re predicting in 2020!  We LOVE the way the trends are going right now and we are so excited to share our favorites with you! 

All of our engagement rings are custom created—learn more about the process here!

White Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

Oval Engagement Rings

Oval engagement rings are all the rage right now, and have been for a little while!  We definitely don’t see these beauties disappearing any time soon.  In fact, these oval solitaires have been our top requested style lately, and we love how they stack, see our favorites HERE!

Our personal favorite setting is The Helene.  The Helene features four beaded prongs with an open basket and it is very low profile.  This setting is perfect for everyday wear and she creates gorgeous stacks!  Some of our favorite stacking bands to pair with The Helene is the Gemma Ballerina Ring and our White Diamond Triangle Nesting Ring, we love the way this stack elongates the oval stone and adds the perfect amount of extra sparkle!

oval engagement ring

An alternative way to set an oval engagement ring is to turn the stone East/West style!  This oval engagement ring setting is perfect for a bride who is looking for something a little different.  This style also creates gorgeous eye-catching stacks!

oval engagement ring

Moval Engagement Rings

If you follow Marrow Fine on Instagram, you’ve seen movals on our feed and Instagram stories before.  Moval engagement rings are something not a lot of people are familiar with so we’ll fill you in on what exactly a moval diamond is: a moval is a cross between an oval cut stone and a marquise cut stone. 

Movals came into popularity around the late 1800s/early 1900s when having a perfectly symmetrical point was somewhat of a feat for diamond cutters.  Thus, they opted for a more rounded tip, creating the moval.  Movals are beautiful in that many of them are antique, which means they were cut by hand and have a truly unique cut and pattern.

This style engagement ring has quickly become a huge Marrow Babe fave!  We love the treasure hunt that ensues when we are stone sourcing for our moval clients.  Interested in finding a moval for yourself (or your babe?) send us an email at and we’d be happy to hunt down the stone of your dreams!

moval engagement ring

Marquise Engagement Rings

Marquise engagement rings have been rising to the most popular list slowly but surely!  Typically a style that has diminished in the popularity in the past, marquise engagement rings seem to be popping up everywhere—including our Marrow babes’ wishlists! 

marquise engagement ring

We have two white diamond settings here that we’re in love with: 

  1. The Maeve Marquise Engagement Ring is one of our favorite ways to set these gorgeous stones!  This setting has six beaded prongs with an open basket that really lets the stone shine and creates so many stacking possibilities.  Our favorite way to stack this setting is with a Celestial Light Band and our Jaclyn Band.  Both of these stacking bands add a little nontraditional aspect for our edgier brides!
  2. Another way to set a marquise stone is The Noelle Marquise Engagement Ring.  This setting is an East/West style, a super low profile setting with two V prongs. She’s one of our most stackable settings.  We love her because she kind of looks like a tension setting, but has the safety and security of a half bezel.  This marquise engagement ring looks amazing stacked with our Simple Wave White Diamond Band and the Seven Stars Nesting Ring.  This style is becoming a HUGE Marrow babe favorite!

marquise engagement ring

Diamond Engagement Ring Care

Diamonds are a much harder stone compared to other stones (like an opal).  We do recommend taking your diamonds off when applying lotion, makeup, or doing any physical activity—also avoid any harsh cleaning chemicals.  Diamonds can withstand an ultrasonic cleaner and a steam, while some other stones cannot. 

If you don’t have access to these tools (as most people don’t have these in their homes), not a problem!  We recommend some warm water, dawn dish soap, and a soft toothbrush—works like a charm!  We do recommend a deep clean at least once a year, and if you are local to San Diego, stop by our flagship store at One Paseo and we’ll be more than happy to clean up your rings!

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Alternative Engagement Rings

Black Onyx Engagement Rings

For alternative engagement rings, black onyx has by far been the most popular stone!  These stones are perfect for the edgy bride.  They are also available at a lower price point than a large white diamond ring would be.  You get all of the beauty of a unique non-traditional engagement ring without a huge price tag. 

Our Sweet Melissa Black Onyx Ring has been a true Marrow babe favorite since she was introduced to our line a couple of years ago!  She features a 12x8mm black onyx and .15 carats of white diamonds.  This pear-shaped black onyx engagement ring has endless stacking possibilities!

Black onyx engagement ring

The Rhiannon Round Black Onyx Solitaire is another gorgeous affordable engagement ring!  This ring features an 8mm round black onyx surrounded by eight claw prongs.  Stacking a round engagement ring is so fun!  We created a whole blog on these endless possibilities!

An alternative way to create that popular marquise engagement ring look is our Paint it Black Perfect Halo Ring.  This stunner features a marquise black onyx stone set East/West style, with a micro halo of black diamonds. 

Black onyx engagement ring

Black Onyx Gemstone Care

Unlike diamonds, black onyx is a relatively soft stone and needs to be treated a little more gently in your everyday wear.  We recommend the same as diamonds: take your black onyx jewelry off when applying lotion, makeup, or doing any physical activity and also avoid any harsh cleaning chemicals.  You should avoid using an ultrasonic or a steam cleaner with these softer stones, but you can still clean them with warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush.

Custom Black Gemstone Rings

If you aren’t seeing your ideal engagement ring on our site, fill out this form here to get the custom process started!  We love creating one-of-a-kind custom pieces and making our clients’ dreams come true! 

Black gemstone engagement rings (black onyx or black diamonds) have become our second most requested stones! (Besides white diamonds).  We have extensive experience in working with these stones and creating stunning pieces of jewelry.

Sapphire Cluster Engagement Rings

Sapphire cluster rings have by far been the most popular alternative engagement ring style!  One of our very own Marrow babes, Charlotte, created a sapphire cluster ring of her own from some of her grandmother’s heirloom stones.  Read more about that special project here!

These sapphire cluster rings are custom created and they have endless possibilities!  We love mixing stones up, some of our most popular cluster rings feature a gorgeous colored sapphire center stone with a mix of white diamonds and more colored sapphires such as Montana sapphires or padparadscha sapphires!  We love adding in different shaped stones, like the white sapphire pear spray ring or the bicolor emerald cut purple sapphire cluster ring. 


sapphire engagement ringIf there are some specific stones you would like to work into a cluster concept, fill out our custom consult form to get the process started!  Below are some custom cluster sapphire engagement rings we have created in the past.

sapphire engagement ring

sapphire engagement ring

Emerald Engagement Rings

Emeralds have been HUGE here at Marrow since the beginning!  The deep green color of these stones is absolutely mesmerizing!  We love to bezel set these stones in all different shapes and sizes, since this style of setting will protect the softer stone.  If you live a pretty active lifestyle, make sure you take your emerald engagement ring off before any physical activity. 

emerald engagement rings

Champagne and Galaxy Diamond Engagement Rings

Champagne and galaxy diamonds are another Marrow babe favorite—you can read all about them here!  These stones are so unique in their own ways and have a completely different sparkle all on their own!  Our favorite way to set these stones is with a micro halo of white diamonds that really lets the center stone shine!

champagne galaxy diamond engagement ring

Three Stone Engagement Rings

We love the classic look of a three-stone engagement ring.  Our own founder’s engagement ring is a three stone white diamond ring that features an old euro cut diamond in the center and trillions on the sides.  We (of course) get a lot of Marrow babes who want this exact look, but we also see clients who want baguettes, rounds, and half-moons to accent their stunning center stone.  See below for some of our favorite stone combinations! 

White Diamond Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three stone engagement rings represent the past, present, and future of your relationship.  These rings have endless possibilities, a round or oval center stone are the most popular surrounded by rounds, tapered baguettes, trillions, or even half-moons or pears!

white diamond three stone engagement ring

Sapphire Three Stone Engagement Rings

For our Marrow babes who aren’t into a full white diamond look, we love mixing white diamond center stones with sapphire or alternative gemstone side stones.  Clients who are looking for a pop of color often choose this route!

Sapphires tend to be a slightly more affordable gemstone to use in engagement rings, and we love the color variations of these diamonds.  We love the deep teal/blue/green hues mixed with lighter colors in the center.  We also love the peachy pink sapphire engagement ring  look! 

Of course, we can source any center stone you desire—we love a good treasure hunt!  Our sapphire three-stone rings are typically custom-created but we do have some one-of-a-kind options that are ready to ship now, if you’re looking for something quicker than our custom lead time of 8-10 weeks.

sapphire engagement ring

Creating the Engagement Ring of Your Dreams

We know this all can be a lot to take in, so we’re here to help!  We seriously do love a good gemstone hunt, so getting to create your dream engagement ring excites us just as much as it excites you!

You can learn more about our custom engagement ring process here, and you can get this process started by filling out the custom consultation form!  If you have any questions, just send us a chat or shoot us an email at

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