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How to Stack: Oval Engagement Rings

February 12, 2020

How to Stack: Oval Engagement Rings

Attention all Marrow Babes with oval engagement rings, we are here to help you stack! Our second round of the Stacking Series is focusing on oval-style engagement rings and some of our favorite wedding rings to pair with them. We have an array of options below for you to choose from—we love them all!

Ballerina Stacking Rings

We are obsessed with the way ballerina wedding rings complement an oval engagement ring! Ballerina rings definitely provide that popular art deco look, and one of our favorite designs, the Oval Ballerina Jacket, fits perfectly with a 2-carat oval solitaire engagement ring or a 1.5 carat oval with a halo. This beauty of a wedding band features 13 tapered baguettes totaling .35 carats of white diamonds—definitely adds some major sparkle to any oval engagement ring stack!

Another gorgeous ballerina stacking band is our Gemma Ballerina Ring! This wedding band pairs perfectly with a 1.5 or smaller carat oval engagement ring. We can custom fit the curve of this wedding band to fit perfectly around your oval stone. Want to take it up a notch? Try two stacking rings to complete the full ballerina look!

Triangle Stacking Rings

Triangle wedding rings can really elongate your oval engagement ring! The Jaclyn Band is such a unique addition to an oval solitaire engagement ring. She looks great with both a traditional North/South setting or an East/West set oval stone and features an array of baguettes and round white diamonds. (She also comes in a black diamond version!)

If you are looking for something with more gold and fewer diamonds our Hanging in the Balance Opal ring features a gorgeous Australian Opal that adds a small pop of color while letting your oval engagement ring shine!

Straight Stacking Rings

Many of our Marrow babes prefer a more traditional look for their bridal stack, which can be just as stunning as some of our more alternative looks! If you would like a more traditional route for a wedding band, our Everyday Thin Band is a gorgeous addition to your oval engagement ring. This is a solid gold band that will sit beneath the stone and adds some shine to your stack without overpowering the center stone. 

If you do want some sparkle, check out our Love Goes Round White Diamond Eternity Band, which also comes in a black diamond version! We also love the August Rose (which features rose cuts so she’s super low profile!) for a simple but sparkling wedding ring!

Curved Stacking Rings

We LOVE the way a curved wedding band pairs with an oval engagement ring, which is why we have so many curved designs in our line collection! Our Aurora Nouveau is one of our most popular stacking band and we can see why. She features white diamond rounds and tapered baguettes—her sparkle is undeniable! 

Our Lady Louise is another curved wedding ring that looks amazing with an oval engagement ring! We added a modern twist on the classic art deco design for this dainty stacker. 

If you have an East/West set oval engagement ring you might want to check out our Seven Stars Nesting Ring, she is another huge Marrow Fave! She looks beautiful with this type of oval set engagement ring!

Nontraditional Stacking Rings

For all of our more alternative Marrow Babes out there, we have a wide range of funky, fun designs! Our Stevie Triangle Ring is an asymmetrical design and features four baguettes on one side and four rounds on the other. Oval engagement rings nestle comfortably inside the triangle, making her a gorgeous addition to an oval engagement ring of any size.

Open shank ring designs are popular right now (like the Toi et Moi designs!), so naturally we have some open shank designs that are popular among our Marrow babes right now. Our White Diamond Celestial Light Band is one of our stacking bands and comes in a white diamond or black diamond version featuring four round rose cut diamonds. She’s delicate and hugs the shoulders of an oval stone, which offers a very unique shape! 

Some of our Marrow Brides love to add something blue right into their wedding band! One of our newest stacking ring is the Malawi Sapphire Seven Stars Nesting Ring. This beauty features seven blue-toned sapphires that would be a perfect fit for an edgier bride! We also created a Padparadscha Sapphire version as well!


Below is an array of wedding ring stacking options with an oval engagement ring! If you have any questions or want to see a photo of a specific stack you have in mind, feel free to email us at  info@marrowfine.com and we’ll help you out with all of your stacking needs! Catch up on our last Stacking Series post on round engagement rings and stay tuned for the next post in the series… Pears!  


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