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Whether we’re starting from scratch or rebuilding the bones of an heirloom piece, we collaborate with you to bring life to your ideas.

Marrow custom

Honor the past

From dream to design, we can’t wait to work our magic and create a completely custom Marrow piece that’s one-of-a-kind—just like you.

Break the mold

It all started with an heirloom from Jillian’s grandmother. To rework a piece with history and create something even more special—all while honoring the past. This idea sparked a list of clients looking to liberate their heirlooms with a fresh eye for design.

Process & Timeline

Week 1-2

Let's chat

First things first. Start by booking an appointment with one of our stylists and sharing your inspiration, budget, stone preference, and general information.

Once we have the details, we can begin to create your personalized design.

Week 2-4

From dream to design

After we sit down with you and take the initial deposit, our design team will get to work bringing your vision to life, whether that means heading right to sketch or sourcing the stone of your dreams.

Once you’re over the moon about the design direction, it's time to move the project into production.

Week 4-10

Make magic & celebrate

From start to finish, the magic-making timeframe is typically 8-10 weeks. When the design is finalized, we create a 3D rendering of your ring.

Once that is approved, production begins and in about 4-6 weeks, she’s all yours, baby!

One-of-a-kind, ready to ship.

[yellow gold] [yellow gold]

Montana Sapphire Half Moon Relic Ring


Marrow Fine Jewelry White Diamond Moval Ring [Yellow Gold] Marrow Fine Jewelry White Diamond Moval Ring [Yellow Gold]

.57ct White Diamond Moval Engagement Ring


[yellow gold] [yellow gold]

Old Euro Diamond & Beryl Bezel Three-Stone Ring


[yellow gold] [yellow gold]

2.39ct Sri Lankan Sapphire Sybil Ring


[yellow gold] [yellow gold]

Antique Diamond Pear & Emerald Toi et Moi


Marrow Fine Jewelry Montana Sapphire Hexagon Linear Ring [Yellow Gold] Marrow Fine Jewelry Montana Sapphire Hexagon Linear Ring [Yellow Gold]

Montana Sapphire Hexagon Linear Ring


Marrrow Fine Jewelry Old Mine Cut Georgia Ring [Yellow Gold] Marrrow Fine Jewelry Old Mine Cut Georgia Ring [Yellow Gold]

3.81ct Old Mine Cut Georgia Engagement Ring


Marrow Fine Jewelry Grey Spinel Bezel Ring [Yellow Gold] Marrow Fine Jewelry Grey Spinel Bezel Ring [Yellow Gold]

Grey Spinel Bezel Ring

In the wild


Antique Diamond Designs

Custom Engagement Ring

Heirloom Rework

Custom statement stack

Geometric Gems

custom statement

Custom FAQ's

How long does a custom project typically take?

Our turnaround for custom projects is based on a number of factors - including multiple rounds of CAD revisions, complex custom pieces, and client stone approvals - but is typically 8-10 weeks from initial deposit payment.

How will I receive my finished piece?

All domestic pieces are shipped via FedEx and fully-insured. All deliveries require a signature, so keep in mind when entering your shipping information. For local clients, we offer showroom pickups.

International pieces will be via DHL Overnight Delivery (where applicable) and fully insured. We do not cover the cost of international taxes and duties.

Do you have a craftsmanship warranty?

Marrow guarantees the structural integrity of all jewelry. Please be mindful that it is important to add fine jewelry to a homeowners, renters, or individual policy; this will protect against loss, damage or theft of jewelry.  

Should repairs be needed, it is the client’s responsibility to ship and insure the piece(s); Marrow Fine Jewelry will return jewelry via insured shipment. Center stones are not under warranty, please insure your piece.

Do you have a stone warranty?

We will replace melee diamonds within the first 6 months (2mm and smaller) free of charge.  Should there be damage to the piece (missing prong, etc), Marrow will replace the diamonds/stones at cost to the client.  

Other stones (emeralds, opals, sunstones, other colored gemstones, etc) can be replaced at cost + shipping to the client. Please be mindful that sunstones and opals have a similar hardness to a wine glass and can easily crack or chip if they are not cared for properly.  Emeralds are considered a brittle stone and can chip as well.

Do you source stones?

Yes! Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? We have our own internal QA team and work with fully vetted/trusted partners.  

Will you work with a stone I sourced myself?

At this time, we only work with heirloom stones and stones that we source ourselves.

Do you work with lab-created gems?

Currently, we do not work with lab created gemstones or moissanite.

Do you appraise pieces?

Yes, we offer appraisals via a local, trusted third-party appraiser.

How will I know what my custom piece looks like before it is finished?

Our design team will provide you with some design options that you can select from. Once the design is approved, we will create a 3D rendering of your ring so you can see exactly what it will look like once it's finished.

Do you offer jewelry repair?

We guarantee the integrity of our own work, and will go above and beyond to ensure our customers are thrilled with their experience. We do not offer repair service on other jeweler’s or designer’s work.

Please see our FAQs for more details.

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