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How to Stack: Round Engagement Rings

January 23, 2020

How to Stack: Round Engagement Rings

One of our most asked questions is “How do I stack with my engagement ring?” and we hear you! With those types of questions in mind, we’re introducing our Stacking Series to help all of our Marrow Babes stack their gorgeous engagement rings! 

First up in the series is round stones (aka: round brilliant, old euro cut, circle stones). There is no right or wrong way to stack—it’s all up to you and how you want your wedding stack to look! From classic stacking bands to asymmetrical designs, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to stack a round engagement ring.

Ballerina Stacking Rings

We absolutely LOVE a ballerina ring stacked with a round engagement ring! There’s something about the art deco-inspired designs that make us swoon. We have several art deco wedding bands that we can’t get enough of.

The Zandra band is our newest ballerina ring and features three tapered baguettes and four round white diamonds that hugs tightly around a round stone! If you want to fully complete the ballerina stacking ring look, try two rings! Our Round and Pear Ballerina Jacket would make the perfect addition! 

We have been obsessed with baguette diamonds in art deco-style stacking rings over here at Marrow! The Analee Art Deco Band pairs perfectly with a 2 carat round solitaire engagement ring and she comes in a while diamond or black diamond version.

Our Gemma Ballerina Ring has also been Marrow babe fave here and features a mix of fun shaped diamonds. If you are worried this ring won’t fit around your stone, we offer capabilities to modify the curve of the ring to stack perfectly with your engagement ring—just email

Triangle Stacking Rings

Triangle rings are another great option to stack with a round engagement ring! They stack with nearly every type of round-shaped engagement ring and add a slightly edgier twist on a wedding stack.  

We love the classic look for our all-gold  Everyday Triangle Band, but if you want to change things up for something a little edgier, we love the pop of turquoise in the Divine Triangle Ring

The great thing about triangles is that they can also stack on top of other nesting stackable bands. We love adding the Simple Wave White Diamond Band along with our White Diamond Triangle Nesting Ring to add some extra bling.

Straight Stacking Rings

You can’t go wrong with the traditional look of a straight stacking band. If you like a more classic look to your wedding set, our White Diamond Whisper Half Eternity Bandlooks absolutely stunning stacked with any round engagement ring! She also is available in black diamonds to add a little edge to a classic look.

Our Hand-Carved Geo Everyday Band is another straight stacking ring that really lets your round engagement ring shine while adding a little something extra to your wedding stack. She’s all gold but with her faceting, adds a little sparkle and shine.

Our August Rose Band is another great stacking option because she features rose cut white diamonds, which are super low profile and won’t snag on anything or press uncomfortably into your fingers. 

Curved Stacking Rings

If you don’t like how a straight wedding band can disappear behind your round engagement ring, we suggest trying a curved stacking band.

Our White Diamond Headdress Jacket is an absolute show stopper! This stacking band features five gorgeous round white diamonds totaling .80 carats. We also just added a curvier version of this ring to tightly nest against larger round engagement rings. 

If you are looking for something a little less “in your face,” check out the White Diamond Crown Ring. She is the right amount of bling while still letting your gorgeous engagement ring take center stage! Our Seven Stars Nesting Ring is also one of our best sellers here at Marrow and looks absolutely stunning with rounder engagement rings.

Nontraditional Stacking Rings

Of course, we love a totally bespoke ring stack, so if none of the above stackable wedding rings we mentioned are really calling to you, we have a wide range of nontraditional stacking rings! 

Our Ashley Boho Arch Ring is a gorgeous addition to your round engagement ring! She stacks perfectly and adds a little something else that none of your friends will have—turquoise! 

Another nontraditional stacking band option is our Brilliant Nova Band. This band features a gradual effect of round white diamonds creating a gorgeous asymmetrical look!

If you really want a statement wedding band, check out our Courtney Mixed Shape Jacket. She is absolutely stunning (with a significant carat weight) and makes a perfect wedding stack with any round engagement ring!

Below is an array of stacking band options with a round engagement ring! If you have any questions or want to see a photo of a specific stack you have in mind, feel free to email us at and we’ll help you out with all of your stacking needs! Stay tuned for our next Stacking Series blog… ovals! 

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