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Unique Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

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August 27, 2019

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Planning a wedding is a big project, and one of the most fun and exciting aspects is in choosing your wedding bands! For many people, shopping for wedding bands is an add-on to the engagement ring that was purchased before the proposal, while for others, the bands are part of their decision-making process when looking for the ideal engagement ring. Whichever group you fall into, there is no shortage of unique and interesting designs that can represent your love for each other as well as your personal style. 

Before you begin shopping, we’ve created this guide to unique wedding bands and engagement rings to help you find the perfect pieces for your big day! We’ll take you through some ring-buying basics and go over some of our favorite unique engagement and wedding band pairings for some inspiration and ideas that will help you in choosing the ring that she’s always dreamed of. 

Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings 101

Buying a beautiful diamond engagement ring is a significant task on its own, but let’s not forget the band that will go with it once you say, “I do”. Wedding bands are meant to be worn for the rest of your life, so it’s important to not overlook these special pieces. The ideal wedding band will fit seamlessly with her engagement ring, and accomplishing this requires several factors. As you begin your search for the best unique wedding bands, here are some basics to keep in mind:


First and foremost, a great wedding band and engagement ring pairing will coordinate in their style and design. It’s not necessary that they are an exact matching set, although that’s a great option, you’ll want to make sure that they look good together. 

For example, a delicate antique diamond engagement ring won’t work as well with a thick, heavy band as it would with a slim pavé band. 

Just as you took her personal style into account when choosing her engagement ring, you’ll want to keep that at the forefront when choosing a wedding band.

Vintage Lace Band


Depending on your lifestyle, you’ll want to make sure that the wedding band you choose will work well in everyday life, as it’s going to be worn for years. For some people, a simple band is the best choice, and many of these ring styles are available in a comfort band, which has rounded edges on the top and bottom to avoid digging into the fingers. Other considerations will be the placement of the diamonds – do you want them to completely encircle the finger, or will she find it more comfortable to have diamonds only on the front of her finger? 

Everyday Thin Band


As mentioned, your lifestyle is important to think about when choosing your wedding band. People who are very active or who work with their hands for a living may prefer a simple, minimalistic wedding band. Those with a more sedentary lifestyle can choose a band with fashion in mind rather than looking for something purely functional. And of course, a woman who loves style and elegance can go all out with a brilliant band of sparkling diamonds. 

Oval Ballerina Jacket

Gemma Ballerina Ring


Depending on the style of your engagement ring and its setting, a standard, straight band might not be the best choice. Often a large center stone with a high setting, or a unique engagement ring with an antique center stone may require a curved band that can nestle against the engagement ring without creating a gap. 

There are many pre-made options available on their own and as part of unique wedding ring sets, or you can consider custom designs to make sure you get the perfect fit with her engagement ring. 

The Stevie Triangle Ring

Unique Wedding Ring Pairings

Many couples choose their wedding bands together, but you can go the extra mile and impress her by doing some research on the most unique wedding rings ahead of time. A simple ring pairs well with a sleek, cleanly-designed band, but more unique engagement rings call for an equally special band. Some of the most glamorous, romantic pairings include these unique engagement ring and wedding band combinations:

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Antique and Engraved

Antique or vintage-inspired engagement rings have a sense of romance and nostalgia behind them, making them a perfect complement to an engraved wedding band. Whether you choose to engrave the inside of the band with a special phrase or your wedding date, or you opt for a delicately engraved pattern on the outside of the band, you can’t go wrong with this unique combination that’s completely customizable.

Emerald with Baguettes

A beautiful emerald cut engagement ring deserves an equally striking wedding band. Baguettes are the ideal complement to emerald cuts because they are nearly identical in appearance, but baguettes are narrower and more elongated—we especially love tapered baguettes. The two paired together look modern and sophisticated, perfect for the bride with a unique sense of style. For even more of a statement look, have your band designed with the baguettes arranged horizontally rather than the vertical setting alignment that’s more commonly seen.

Solitaire with an Asymmetric Cluster

A diamond solitaire ring is a timeless classic, and while most people pair it with an equally classic band, why not try something more unique? Rather than a row of diamonds lying below the solitaire, try a band of a cluster of smaller diamonds that are designed to sit offset to one side. This pairing takes a simple design and turns it into a special, unusual piece that’s ideal for a woman who isn’t afraid to take risks with her personal style and wear the most unique wedding ring in her circle of friends. 

Black Diamond Oval Engagement Ring & Brilliant Nova Band

Textured Metal 

While most women love the shine of gleaming platinum or gold, there are plenty of other options that make a great pairing with their smooth polished engagement ring. Hammered metals are popular in both costume and luxury jewelry, and the contrast with a smooth metal engagement ring is striking. For example, a hammered white gold band can make even the simplest engagement ring pop and it will add a unique look that you won’t see on every other bride. Brushed or matte metal finishes are also popular choices that make a beautiful, purposely mismatched pairing. 

Triple Stacks

Why stop at one engagement ring and one band when you can add even more sparkle to her left hand? Many brides are loving the idea of adding two wedding bands – one that lies below their engagement ring, and one that sits above it. This works well with band-style engagement rings but is also well suited to solitaire styles. Try pavé diamonds on the bands for an exceptionally striking look for the woman who loves the luxurious look of dripping in diamonds.

Gemma Ballerina Ring


One of the most innovative designs in unique wedding rings for her is the interlocking engagement ring and wedding band combination. We really love how this look plays out in our Double Spray Engagement Ring! This pairing is designed and typically purchased together for the perfect fit.  The band can complement the sparkle-factor of the engagement ring if it’s encrusted in pavé diamonds, or it can be a simple platinum or gold band that offsets the other diamonds perfectly and lets them stand out on their own. 

Heirloom Ring with Birthstones

Engagement rings and wedding bands are undoubtedly one of the most sentimental pieces of jewelry she’ll ever wear, particularly if you pop the question with a family heirloom ring. A basic band doesn’t seem to do justice to a piece so special, so why not take it to the next level and add significant stones to the wedding band? 

No one says that a wedding band should be diamonds only – try adding your birthstones to the band, perhaps along with additional diamonds, for a look that’s extra sparkly and special to the woman who wears it. 

Green Sapphire Ballerina Ring

Mixed Metals

Gone are the days of sticking to one metal color only. This applies to necklaces, bracelets, and even engagement and wedding rings. Today’s modern bride likely wears a combination of silver or white gold, yellow gold, and even rose gold as part of her personal accessorizing style, so you’re not limited to choosing engagement rings and bands that are an exact match. Many of today’s most unique wedding rings find ways of incorporating both yellow and white gold, or perhaps even other metals like rose gold or titanium, into their design. These types of unique wedding rings stand out from more basic designs and make memorable statement pieces. 

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How to Create Her Dream Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

With all of these great ideas and inspiration in your pocket, it’s time to get started in creating your own engagement ring and wedding band combination that will take her breath away. These tips will help you create something that is both beautiful and sentimental – something that she can treasure always and is proud to wear every day.

Double Spray Engagement Ring

Consider Custom

It’s a great idea to start your search by browsing the jewelry shops in your area or online to get ideas and see what’s out there. You might luck out and find that the perfect piece is available and is yours for the taking. For other people, retail jewelry stores are great for gathering ideas, but they might not have “the one” when it comes to your engagement and wedding rings. 

If you’re looking for something that’s very unique or elaborate, you might want to consider turning to a custom designed ring instead. When you work one-on-one with a jewelry designer, you’ll be able to communicate more personal details about your bride-to-be, what her style is, and how you’d like the rings to look. A professional jewelry designer is experienced in taking people’s ideas and turning them into reality, so this is definitely an option to consider if you’re looking for something that you can’t find in stores or want to add special significance to your rings. 

Think Long Term

Many people purchase their wedding stacks and wear them as-is forever, while others love the idea of upgrading their rings over time. You might be starting out on a more modest budget in the beginning, or you might have simpler tastes that mature over time – whatever the reason, keep it in mind that you might want to upgrade your rings over the years. For example, can you add an upper band of pavé diamonds for an anniversary gift? This creates a striking stacked ring look while also making a fantastic gift idea for a special, romantic occasion. 

Up the Sparkle Factor

Of course, every woman is unique, but it’s safe to say that a few extra diamonds are always welcome. When choosing your engagement and wedding rings, try to see if there are any ways to sneak some extra stones into the design, or maybe add a thin band of baguettes or round-cut diamonds to increase the sparkle. More often than not, this kind of upgrade is well worth it when you see her proudly showing off the brilliant wedding rings that you chose for her to wear. 

Take Home Message

Shopping for diamond engagement rings and wedding bands is one of life’s most exciting and romantic experiences. Taking the time to create a unique pairing is a worthwhile investment, as it’s something she’ll love and wear every day. With these buying tips and unique wedding ring inspiration ideas, you’ll have no trouble picking out the perfect pieces for your bride-to-be. 

Let her personality and your own love story shine through with a design that’s outside of what everyone else does.  Unique rings make your wedding day and your life together even more special, especially in knowing that no one else has the same ring combination that the two of you do. Pushing the envelope with interesting and unique ring designs will result in beautiful wedding rings that will stand out and last a lifetime!

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