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Alternative Gemstones: All About Black Onyx

February 25, 2020

Alternative Gemstones: All About Black Onyx

 Here at Marrow, it's no secret that we love an alternative engagement ring! Our newest collection of black onyx rings is just that—the perfect engagement rings for our edgy brides. Even if you aren’t engaged, the collection makes a perfect addition to any ring finger. 

 When crafting the new gem collection, designer Jillian Sassone said: “I love the way onyx absorbs light and has almost a  matte-like appearance. Black onyx has a vintage feel. It was popular in antique rings and I love incorporating it in a fresh way!”

The Black Onyx ring collection has quickly become a fan favorite here at Marrow Fine and we think it is the perfect piece to show off your unique sense of style! 


Why We Love Black Onyx  

Did you know Black onyx is known as the warrior stone? Who doesn’t love a little “boss babe” vibe sitting right on your finger. This stone also carries some other unique traditions. Black onyx has been said to absorb and transform negative energy and help prevent the drain of personal energy. 

Black onyx is also known to inspire personal power from facing your fears and it symbolizes initiation and change within oneself. This moody stone can also help clear your mind of self-doubt and societal expectations leaving just your authentic self to tackle the world! 

So, it was no surprise when the team here at Marrow Fine chose this alternative gem for an engagement ring collection. Every woman wants to feel empowered and radiate positive energy in their marriage. Also, if you decide to wear the Black Onyx ring outside of an engagement ring, it brings you some amazing vibes that you just can’t pass up. 

How to Care for Black Onyx

Black onyx is a variety of the silica mineral Chalcedony, and it is a 6.5-7 on the Moh’s scale, which means it is a pretty soft stone when compared to a diamond, so you want to be gentle with it. 

That means no super physical activity or doing the dishes in your ring. Plus, the Marrow Fine team recommends avoiding any harsh chemicals such as cleaning supplies and chlorine from a pool. 

If you need to give your Black Onyx ring a good scrub, use warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush and remember to be very gentle with it. 

About The Black Onyx Capsule

At Marrow Fine, the Sweet Melissa Black Onyx Ring is one of our most popular rings and we can see why! This pear-shaped black onyx is absolutely stunning with the white diamonds down the shank—a little brighter sparkle next to the deeper color of black onyx. Since she is so popular, we made a mini version of her and our Marrow babes have loved that design too!


With such good reception to the Black Onyx rings being used as  alternative wedding rings, we decided to expand on our  black onyx ring capsule for our edgier brides and at a more affordable price point. 

The ring capsule is also designed for every edgy lady out there, not just our brides. The Black Onyx is perfect for any occasion and we made them all super stackable to go with all of your existing rings. 

Ready to pick out a unique and beautiful ring for yourself? Check out all the styles for the Black Onyx ring below

The Rhiannon Round Black Onyx Solitaire

This simple yet stunning design looks amazing with two Gemma Ballerina Rings around her! This super stackable black onyx solitaire ring also pairs perfectly with the Courtney Mixed Shape Jacket.

The Bewitched Black Onyx 3 Stone Ring 

If a three-stone ring is more your style, we love how she looks stacked with a Simple Wave White Diamond Band and our Gentle Curve Chain Ring for an edgier look. This black onyx ring also looks gorgeous with our Round and Pear Ballerina Jacket which features .30 carats of white diamond baguettes!

The Paint It Black Perfect Halo Ring

Subtle yet eye-catching, this microhalo design adds some black diamond sparkle that we’re obsessed with. We suggest going big with stacking this marquise-shaped ring and pairing her with Black Diamond Headdress Jacket! She also looks amazing with the Seven Stars Nesting Ring if you want something a little more subtle.

Sweet Melissa Black Onyx Ring

She features a 12x8mm black onyx pear and flanked by white diamonds. Super stackable, super cute. Plus, she holds a special place in our hearts, this ring style is named after one of our OG Marrow babes. This stackable black onyx ring is the perfect non-traditional engagement ring or right hand ring! 

Not sure about the size and want to go a little small for your hands? We made a Mini Sweet Melissa style that is calling your name. 

TheBoyfriend Black Onyx Signet Ring

The Black Onyx Boyfriend Signet Ring features a black onyx set in the middle of a signet ring. The ring is designed after our very own Hotdad’s diamond version. The timeless signet ring with Black Onyx can be worn on every single finger and goes with every other piece ofjewelry that you own. It makes a statement and shows off your personality at the same time. 

Now that you know the inspiration and the meaning behind the Black Onyx, we hope that you take a chance and show your edgy side with a brand new addition to the stack! We can’t wait to see how you style your rings, so reach out to us if you have any questions or want to create your own custom Black Onyx engagement ring. You can find our styling team at

Bye Marrow Babes and see you on our instagram (@marrowfine)!

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