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The Ins & Outs of Custom Design Consults

October 7, 2019

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Ever wonder what the process of getting your very own one-of-a-kind dream Marrow design looks like? We’re breaking down all the deets you need to know for our in-store & video design consultations and what to expect. 

Getting Started

First things first: before we can start dreaming up your design, we will meet with you either in one of our stores or via video chat (for those not located in Southern California). To set up an initial convo with a Marrow stylist, you can book an appointment here!  Pro tip: the more info you provide the Marrow team, the better!

Pre-Consult Prep

Speaking of info, that brings us to our next step: preparing for the meeting. Here’s what you should have ready for us before our first date:

1) Inspiration: It’s time to pull together all those images you’ve saved on Instagram, added to your Pinterest board, screenshot, and dropped as hints to your honey. Think about:
  • Size, shape, and color (metal and stone)
  • Overall look and feel, i.e. art deco, modern, traditional, etc.
  • Any and all gemstones you’re looking to work with
2) Pricing and timeline: come prepared with a realistic budget (we know, it’s our least favorite word too) and when you’re looking to receive your piece. Our average custom project timeline is about 8 -12 weeks, but sometimes a rush project is feasible. 
3) Ring size: if you don't know your size, we will size you in-store or recommend you visit your local jeweler.

    Down to Business

    During the consultation, we’ll go over the project in detail to make sure we're aligned with your vision. You can also expect to receive a rough estimate for the piece and a timeline, which both depend on a variety of factors. Typically, this is also when a deposit is provided so we can get your project started.

    A couple of things to keep in mind: we love a good treasure hunt, so we source all stones for our projects, though we are open to reimagining heirloom stones on a case-by-case basis.


    Project Production

    After our consultation, your stylist will follow up with any additional notes or comments. If the project is approved by you, we’ll begin after the first invoice is paid to get started on production.

    As we start working on your piece(s), our production team will be in touch, along with your stylist, to keep you in the loop about the process.

    Pretty New Jewels

    Once your design is ready, your stylist will let you know and you’ll be rocking that sparkly baby in no time!

    If all of this sounds more involved than you’d like to be, we also create one-of-a-kind jewelry weekly to keep our selections fresh and to offer you a wide variety of styles to choose from!

    Shop our ready to ship collection or get started on your own design today!

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