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Pearls: Back and Better Than Ever

November 5, 2019

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Despite their stuffy stereotype, pearls are one of the coolest stones and they’ve really been on our radar as of late. There is something so special about them that just can’t be achieved or recreated with any other stone, especially because they’re one of very few types of organic gemstones that exist in nature - meaning they’re created by the world around us, and not a machine (bravo, Mother Earth). And because of how they’re created, each one is completely unique and reflects their organic nature. Pretty rad, right? 

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Are Pearls Back in Style?

From the runway to street chic, pearls are definitely in. Their slow rise grew faster during the summer, when brands like Miu Miu, Oscar de la Renta, and Chanel used pearls as traditional accessories and even incorporated them into shoes and apparel. Instagram models and other young style influencers have even begun accentuating the face with pearls. But why pearls? 

For starters, they’re opulent yet minimalist, a great way to embellish any party look without going over-the-top or adding a classy touch to a streetwear outfit. With their simple shape and color, they align well with contemporary fashion trends like the subdued black and whites of Alexander Wang and Maison Margiela and the tongue-in-cheek granny chic style. A bright accent for a black pantsuit or hanging over a vintage floral dress, pearls can be sophisticated or down-to-earth.


Akoya Pearl Jewelry

For this collection, we used Akoya cultured pearls produced by Japan’s Akoya oysters. Known for their brilliant shine and rich color, they’re the most popular pearl and also the most elegant. And while the most prevalent pearls you see are white and cream, this particular type can range from pink to light green, even blue and silver. Similar to diamonds, pearls can have imperfections which is actually how you can tell they’re natural.

Not Your Grandma's Pearls

Not Your Grandma's Pearls

Gone are the days of chunky pearl strands and traditional pearl rings. Instead, many jewelers today choose abstract shapes and unusual sizes to change the game of pearl jewelry.

Inspired by the balance of modern architecture and soft ethereal beauty, we created this collection to upend everything you think you know about pearls. We’re in love with all of the designs in this collection, but some of the standalone pieces we’ve already snagged for our personal collections here at Marrow are the Pearl Choker necklace and the Pearl Arch Bracelet. Both of these designs add some structure to an otherwise simple, classic design—think “Classic with a twist.” This modern take adds fragility to the traditional pearl necklace, using just a few pearls strung together by a delicate chain.

By translating these timeless gems into more minimal designs that are anything but dated (Like  the Chain Pearl Knockers or the Pearl Arch Ring), you can easily infuse these stones into your everyday wear—no special occasion required. 


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How to Wear Pearls

Wearing pearls can complete a statement look or add the finishing touch to a business casual ensemble. While the ultimate look is up to you, here are some ideas to start you off.


Red lipstick and a pearl necklace might now seem a bit cliche. Instead, opt for makeup in nude and earthy tones so your pearl emblem draws all the attention. A shimmering bronzer or glossy brown lip creates an enhanced natural look to complement your pearl accessories.


Scale back and go full-on minimalist chic with a single pearl accessory, like the Curved Pearl Necklace or Pearl Pin. For a look with more glam, don’t be afraid to mix and max with multiple pearl chains over a simple wool sweater. You can even try mismatching earrings for a more avant-garde approach.


When you think of pearls, you might think of Audrey Hepburn’s famous necklace and black dress. But what other style comes in black? It’s punk. Pearls look great with leather or your favorite shirt from The Smiths or The Cure. Dress up your grunge outfit with an elegant necklace.

For an everyday look, pearl necklaces also look great with a low-neck shirt because they emphasize your collarbone. Try wearing pearls with a classic button-down shirt for a less feminine look. Pearls also look great with oversized wool jackets, especially if they have interesting lines.

Don’t forget - men can wear pearls too! Try wearing with a chambray shirt or pairing the Pearl Earring with Ear Cuff with a bomber jacket. You can also go for a more androgynous look with pastel colors or polka dots.


Pearl Jewelry Care

Because of their delicate nature, be sure to take special care of these precious stones by wiping them with a soft cloth after each wear and occasionally washing them with warm, soapy water.

Be careful about wearing lotions and perfumes while wearing pearls since the acidity can eat away at the outer shell. And since they’re soft stones, they can chip easily so it’s best not to wear your pieces while working out or doing anything strenuous. 

Pearls have always been a staple in jewelry, and we hope you love this refreshed take on a traditional gemstone as much as we do!

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