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All About Emeralds

May 13, 2019

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Your Go-To Guide for Emeralds. 7 things you didn’t know about this green beauty

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest at Marrow Fine and with 2021 engagement ring trends, you know that emeralds have stolen our hearts! These green gemstone beauties have been flying out of the stock faster than we can keep up! So what is it about emeralds that makes us (& our Marrow babes) so obsessed with them?

Emeralds are considered one of the four precious gems

These beautiful green gems are part of a rare group known as precious gems.  Precious gems are some of the rarest in the world. The other gems that are considered precious are Ruby, Diamond, and Sapphires. Although all gemstones can be considered precious since they are rare. The four that are the rarest and hardest to get a hold of are called “the Big Four”. 

Emeralds are rumored to be anti-inflammatory 

Emeralds are believed to have an anti-inflammatory effect, especially on the eyes. It became common to wear emeralds on the left side and to give emerald rings to loved ones fitted for the fingers on the left hand to loved ones who had any swelling related issues in or around the eyes. Emeralds also represent wealth and nature. However, when Emeralds in an engagement ring setting, they promote a successful marriage. So many great symbols in such an amazing gem!

They are a natural phenomenon

Technically, they shouldn’t even exist...Seriously. These stones contain two elements that rarely exist next to each other anywhere in the world. These elements aren’t compatible either, but somehow (millenniums ago!) these two elements found each other & bonded, which has led to the creation of these gorgeous gemstones. When you see an emerald, you’re essentially looking at a natural phenomenon!

They are a popular gem among royalty

Emeralds were a favorite for Cleopatra and many other royalty throughout the years. They have been around for centuries and are always an eye-catching addition. However, these days, you don’t have to be royalty to own one of these gems. 

Emeralds are more on the fragile side

To keep the beauty and integrity of the stone in pristine condition, we love to  bezel set emeralds. Like one of our favorite custom rings here. Although they do have 7.5-8 on the MOHS scale, they usually have natural inclusions (small crystals inside of the stone) and are more fragile & susceptible to damage if worn without care. We suggest cleaning your Emeralds by hand with warm water and soap. You can also cover your gem with baby oil to prevent chipping or scratching. Come in and see the Marrow team for more tips! 

Emeralds have a really high value per Carat

When you look at the value of a gem on a per-carat basis, Emeralds can be worth more than diamonds! Making them also an amazing engagement ring option. Another reason that Emeralds can be really high in value is they are hard to find without any imperfections. If you find an Emerald that is flawless, you better hold on to it!

Emeralds look amazing in any kind of setting

If you want a specific ring setting then look no further than getting an Emerald. Since these gems are stunning they have no trouble looking good no matter how you wear them. You can also pair them with other gems, like the Marrow Fine,  Emerald and White Diamond Toi et Moi Ring. Double the sparkle! They also make stunning additions to any stack.

 Now that you know everything is to know about Emeralds, you can decide if they are right gem for you to add to your jewelry collection. At Marrow Fine, we like our clients to have a say in the design process when buying an investment piece like our emeralds. All of our custom rings  can be made in 14k yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold. They also can be made with windowed baskets or closed baskets, based on the client’s preference.

We’ll only be offering this semi-custom aspect for the month of May so shop the collection before they are gone or send us a message  if you’d like to see the stone up close or in person!

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