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The Ultimate Guide to Men's Wedding Bands

November 8, 2019

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A lot of people spend hours, days and even weeks, obsessing over engagement rings, trying to make an ideal choice for their soon-to-be better half. This involves meticulous research on the Internet and inquiries at local jewelry stores, where some sales personnel pressure people to raise their budget.

Despite the long hours and energy put into getting the perfect ring for their future partners, many ring guides cater to finding the right wedding ring for her. Most guys barely even break a sweat in choosing their own wedding band.

Guys deserve the luxury of finding a special ring, too! Even if you’re satisfied with a simple or classic men’s wedding band, it's still important that you go for the best among the available options, something that complements your style.

A few decades ago, there wasn't much to choose from when it comes to wedding bands for men. Since then, the times have changed and there is an impressive selection of men's wedding bands to choose from. Today, a groom can choose a unique ring that truly does best suit his personality.

Types of Men’s Wedding Bands


The classic men’s band is a timeless piece, crafted with previous generations in mind and almost always imperishable designed. Men who are not accustomed to wearing jewelry and have little or no time to shop around can't go wrong with this simple but elegant choice. This quintessential wedding band typically comes in a half-round shape, crafted from yellow gold, with a bright polished finish, although many grooms prefer renewed shapes. If you are a classic groom and you are looking for a simple wedding band, you can bet on this ring!


This is a lot like the classic look but comes with a bit of a modern twist. This type of wedding band comes in a beveled design with etched edges, rather than the smooth curved shape on the classic band. Many people find this style more eye-catching and masculine than the traditional curved shape.


Diamonds are present in engagement watches, cufflinks, and of course, in rings. This style is sure to give his hand a subtle gleam; a popular choice for flashy grooms. Diamond bands can come in different forms: a single diamond, a row, or several other diamond designs. Some people will also consider having a wedding band with black diamonds on it. No surprises for guessing what happens when more diamonds are used on a wedding band: more bling, more money.

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Metals like titanium, cobalt chrome, etc. are used to make this type of wedding band. They usually have rounded or beveled edges. Most of the time, this style is appreciated by men who already wear rings and love wearing jewelry.


Oh yes, medical-grade silicone can be used to make rings! For guys who have active lifestyles like food service workers, firefighters, police officers, etc. this is an ideal choice. They fit securely on the finger and never get caught by clothing or lose objects. For those who have to wear gloves, with this design, the ring can stay on without any worries.

Best Metals for Men’s Wedding Bands

Gold is the most popular material used in making wedding rings. It is a ductile and malleable material, its resistance to abrasion is more significant than silver, and its oxidation is lower, although the price is higher. Aside from its advantages over other materials, gold is regarded as the best metal for men's wedding bands because it comes in a variety of shapes and colors and can be resized or redesigned to fit the evolving needs of the wearer.

There are different types of gold; there are alloys with varying proportions of other metals that give it different colors, ranging from red, pink, green, white, and the most common, yellow. Let's take a look at some of the varieties of gold materials used in making men's wedding bands.

Yellow Gold

This is an ideal metal for a classic wedding band. Yellow gold is a traditional metal that has stood the test of time, making it one of the most popular choices for couples. It is a pure alloy of gold, copper, and silver, and has a golden, bright color.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a growing trend, not only in wedding bands but also in men’s jewelry like watches. While a slightly less popular choice for men, it is increasingly used amongst couples. It combines very well with diamonds, has a pale pink tone with less shine than yellow gold, which both women and men enjoy.

The alloy features the same amount of gold, and unlike yellow gold, the proportion of silver and copper is what changes.

White Gold

White gold has the great advantage that it is the most resistant and the hardest of all gold alloys. However, the main disadvantage is that it's a dull material, with a matt yellowish-gray hue. For this gold to light up, it needs a rhodium electrolytic bath. This bath will go away with time (about 10 years) and will last more or less depending on how the ring is used and the pH of the skin of the wearer.

It is an alloy of silver, copper, and palladium, which is the metal that gives the final color.


Just like silver and gold, platinum is a precious metal. It is reliable, silver-looking, bright, very hard, ductile, malleable, and resistant to acids. This is one of those metals not so abundant in nature. It has massive advantages, although its scarcity and the difficulty in working with it, makes it a very premium choice.

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Let's get one thing clear; just because a wedding band slides nicely on the finger doesn't mean it's the right size. A ring might fit, but not 'fit'. The slightest space between a wedding band and the finger can cause it to slip off, especially when in contact with water or greasy substances when you’re in the shower or washing dishes. If the space between the ring and the finger is too tight, an injury could be imminent. 

To get a perfect size, it is essential that the intending groom personally visits a jewelry store for measurement by a professional jeweler. This can be done for free in most jewelry stores, without any obligation to purchase anything. You can also find free ring sizing guides online. You won’t even have to leave your house. They are user-friendly and provide a good starting point for an intending groom. 

It is also important to note that temperature can actually affect finger size. The fingers can lengthen when the air is warm and swell when the wind is chilly. Neutral body temperature provides the best avenue for finger measurement. Generally, it’s a good idea to relax and browse the jewelry store for a short period after entering before taking a measurement. 


It's always essential to consider the width of the wedding band. It is commonly believed that a wide ring gives a more masculine feel. Don't fall for that, since it’s more appropriate to choose a wedding band with a proper fit. Instead, try something like the Hammered Men’s Band, a ring with a unique, rugged feel pictured below.

Narrow rings usually have a width of 4mm. The widest bands (ideal for guys with extra-large hands) have a diameter of 8mm - 9mm. On average, the width for a  men's wedding band should be 6mm. Intending grooms are advised to take their time in trying on a variety of available widths, to choose the perfect one. A narrow band can serve well for those with thin and small hands, while wide bands are often more comfortable for those with large hands and big fingers.

Fit: Standard Fit vs Comfort Fit

Intending grooms can either go for a standard fit or a comfort fit.  The Standard Fit is used to describe wedding bands that fit comfortably but don't conform to the finger shape. It is actually a popular option and usually has a flat inner surface. On the other hand, the Comfort Fit bands have a rounded interior, thus providing a more comfortable fit for the wearer. It is advisable to try both types, as comfort levels differ based on individual finger shapes.


The "profile" of a wedding band refers to its shape; that is, the outer form of the band. The various profiles can be confusing since similar profiles can be described in numerous ways. As such, it's best to look up the various shapes on a spectrum. To help you out, we'll attempt a description.

Domed vs Flat

The high domed wedding band comes in at one end of the spectrum. This is similar to a D shaped object, a classic, with a traditional profile that has an elevated surge off the finger. This is one thick ring and can suit guys with thicker fingers much better. It can also provide a traditional fit for the wearer.

The flat ring comes in at the other end of the spec, featuring a more modern look and feel. It's a popular choice for the younger generation of men and older gentlemen looking to stay hip. It also provides a more comfortable fit for the wearer.

There are other options in-between these two ranges, including slightly flat or slightly domed. The former creates a perfect balance between a modern and timeless look while the latter is associated with a classic feel. 

Best Shopping Option

Just like purchasing other products, men are faced with two major options when it comes to shopping for their dream wedding band. The first and more traditional option is to go directly to a jewelry store and shop in person. This allows you to physically access the wedding bands and size it for a proper fit.

But it's the 21st century, and as we know, online retailers are here to stay. They provide a second shopping option, which a lot of people prefer because it’s easy to access for those with a busy life. Online shopping also offers the opportunity to access a wider range of rings with little or no hassle. By looking at several pictures of a wedding band taken from different angles, prospective grooms can quickly make their choice.

Find the Perfect Band

While the guy's wedding band has long been regarded as an afterthought, this attitude is changing, especially with the wide variety of classic and modern options available in traditional and online jewelry stores. Men can now make their choice from a dizzying array of styles and materials.

Since most rings are crafted to last a lifetime, it's a good idea to take your time to choose a wedding band that is just right for you. Guys need to understand that their wedding band needs as much attention and precision in selecting it as that of their sweethearts. So, they should take the time to make a perfect choice… a choice of a lifetime!

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