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Why We're Loving Black Diamonds

May 14, 2019

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A Note from the Designer

Black diamonds… I’m here for them!  I love the edge and unexpectedness they bring to my jewelry collection. I added a black diamond headdress to my personal bridal stack a year ago and the response was positive and immediate!  I knew we had to expand our offering to a full black diamond wedding band and stacking line.


I’ve always wanted to play with black diamond shapes and design black diamond ballerina rings in the Art Deco style that I love—but there’s one problem.  Certain black diamond shapes just don’t exist in the diamond market.

Why don’t they exist you may be wondering??  Black diamonds are “real” diamonds and have similar properties to their white diamond counterparts but with a higher amount of inclusions and graphite.

Most fine jewelry consists of treated black diamonds that are treated through heat or irradiation. Because of the clarity characteristics and the structure of black diamonds, they can be difficult to cut into fancy shapes, such as tapered baguettes.

For this reason, black diamond tapered baguettes and marquises are rarely used in jewelry.  Actually, I have never seen black diamond tapered baguettes and marquise in the smaller sizes needed to create these designs… and we’ve been on the hunt!

Looking everywhere in fact… for two years we worked with cutters all over the world and finally partnered with a team who could consistently cut the sizes and shapes needed to make the designs I’ve had in mind!  And we did it! Nine new stunning bands and one new ear cuff that adds a moodiness and edge to complement your stack (whether on your finger or your ear)!

We can’t wait to see the variety of stacking possibilities out there and how our Marrow babes create their one-of-a-kind stacks! These are pieces you won’t find anywhere else, which feels so special and bespoke. We hope you are as excited as we are!

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