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The Sunset Collection: Sunset is My Favorite Color

January 6, 2021

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A note from Jillian:

This collection encapsulates poignant moments from my life that are told through the sunsets (or sunrises) that were occurring in tandem. Each piece is based on a memory and the sunset (or sunrise) I witnessed at the time. 

If I close my eyes, I can recall the colors, the clouds, and the feeling of each moment. Remembering these times and going through the actual design process was tremendously therapeutic—there is a definite vulnerability that exists here, which is palpable in each piece. 

Each design embodies the colors and feelings of a particular time in my life; some of complete elation and love, and others of gut-wrenching sadness. It’s a love letter to Hotdad (Tim, my husband & co-owner of Marrow), it’s the pinch-me-moments of watching my daughters running through the sand laughing and playing, it’s the kick-in-the-stomach moments when you know you’re saying goodbye to someone forever. 

Designing this collection almost felt like pages being ripped out of my diary. Maybe you can relate to some of the entries, maybe not. Either way, I hope something stirs inside when you see these pieces and read the inspiration behind them. 

Xx Jillian

The Design: Holding On & Letting Go

Rancho Mirage, 2020

This beauty is all about clarity to me. I remember watching a desert sunset at the beginning of the pandemic when there was still so much that we didn’t know. There were so many unknowns but mostly fear hanging in my gut and furrowing across my brow. 

The sky became swatches of cotton candy blues and pinks and the birds were singing. It was in that moment, the chaos in my mind fell away and I felt incredibly serene for the first time in a long time. 

For me, it was realizing we can’t control it all, and certainly not a pandemic—let it all go. This ring represents knowing what’s truly important, the bits that we get caught up with that really don’t matter, and having the clarity and presence of mind to know the difference.

The Design: Tranquility in the Desert

Rancho Mirage, 2020

This palette is everything. When the sky looks like this, I know I’m home. For me, home feels like the desert—there is something magical about being surrounded by the San Jacinto Mountains. There is a peace that permeates everything when the sky turns to cotton candy pinks and blues—a true sense of being home, both physically and spiritually.

The Design: That Magical Sunrise With You

Rome, 2015

One of those incredible nights we’ve all had that you don’t want to end, this is that personified in a ring.  It’s being in a foreign place with someone you love and just getting lost together.

It’s the best pasta you’ve ever had, dancing in the street, making wishes in deserted fountains, and watching the sunrise on a thousand-year-old abandoned rooftop. This piece is what it feels like to be alive and truly be in a moment. And if you get to share it with someone...that’s pretty amazing.

The Design: Saying Goodbye

Honolulu, 1999

A first heartbreak, and certainly not the last. This design is inspired by leaving what’s familiar and comfortable...what feels like home.

I remember feeling all of the doubt and confusion around losing my first real love and wandering out onto a tiny peninsula called Ala Moana. Around me, the surfers paddled by, the waves crashed, and there was this unforgettable sunset. I felt the sun on my face and there was a warmth that made me feel like everything was happening as it should. 

Yes, this is goodbye, but it wasn’t meant to be a bad thing. This ring is about following your truest path and listening to that voice in your head—she knows what you need. Trust her.

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