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The Lunar Phase Collection: Sentimental meets Sparkle

May 7, 2020

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A note from the designer Jillian:

The lunar phase pieces are some of my all-time favorites. They’re timeless, sparkly, and add some sentimentality to my everyday. I originally designed the pendants when I had my youngest daughter and was looking for an alternative to initial and geo-location pendants.   

Aside from the sentimental aspect, I also love how they’re super layerable and look good with other pieces without being overpowering. The pendants are 18” long with a 16” jump ring so they can play with other minimal chains or necklaces. For instance, my oldest daughter was born on a crescent moon, while my youngest was born on a full moon so I love how they look layered together. 

The necklaces also make great “push presents” for all of our Marrow mamas out there. Fun fact: I’ve actually dropped off a crescent moon pendant to a delivery room (while the mom was in labor!) two years ago for a client who needed to have that gift ready to go for his wife—it was really fun to play a small part in that special moment! 

The pinky signets  came after the pendants and were a natural progression, as rings are my true passion.

I wear a gibbous moon pinky ring to honor my niece Kenadie who passed away two years ago. I love that every time I look down at my hand, I can remember her and the light she brought to our lives. 

My favorite aspect of this collection as a whole is that it’s a more nontraditional way to remember significant days in our lives.

Beyond just birthdays, this lunar collection is also perfect for commemorating wedding dates, engagements—really any type of special day that you want to remember every time you wear your moon phase jewelry.

Many of our grooms have gifted their brides with a lunar piece of the moon that is going to be in the sky that night—I love this sentiment so much! 

This collection feels timeless and ideally will be a part of our line collection for years to come—it definitely holds a special place in my heart.

If you aren’t sure what moon you were born under or are curious about other important dates, you can use this moon phase finder tool! It's super quick & easy to use!

 Otherwise, you can check out the entire collection here!

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