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The Marrow Trunk Show Experience

August 10, 2023

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Marrow Fine is always on the move thanks to our robust Trunk Show program and team of traveling stylists. We understand that not everyone can make the trek to the West Coast or that the idea of working remotely with a brand you found on Instagram might make you feel a little bit anxious. Trust us—we totally get it! So we marked our calendars, booked our flights and we’ve hit the road.

With 21+ cities and 40 weekends on our roster annually, we’re doing our very best to bring our collection as close to you as we can. While we do double up on some of our cities and make the rounds pretty regularly, your city is not totally ruled out! You can suggest your city here or even make a rad weekend trip out of it and meet us in the middle! Just ask, we’ll help you coordinate and set it up. Sorry, we’re obsessed with you.

How do I Book an Appointment?

We've made it easy! You can book an appointment via our site here

Our appointments are conducted in 40-minute increments so we can connect with as many of our Marrow babes as possible. This allows you to see everything you’re hoping to see in one sitting as well. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early! We’ll have someone from our team waiting in the lobby to bring you up to your appointment. Oh, and don’t forget! Bring any items that you’re hoping to stack or potentially rework. Any relevant paperwork is always a plus!

How Do I Prep for the Appointment?

Once you’ve booked your appointment and it’s been submitted to our calendar, a Trunk Show Manager will reach out to confirm your appointment (via email), share the location, and start asking all sorts of personalized and slightly probing questions. Don’t be afraid to overshare. We live for a good story!

Make sure to respond before the week of the show and answer as many questions as you can! The questions we ask will help us prep our packing list and make stylized suggestions during your appointment. Connecting beforehand is key since our appointment windows are only 40 minutes long. We don’t want to waste a single minute of it! Plus, a little email rapport will alleviate any of that first date awkwardness.

What goes on at a Marrow Fine Pop-Up?

Typically, we host and conduct the appointments from a super cute hotel suite with plenty of bubbles & refreshments! So the more, the merrier—we want to meet everyone. Bring your girlfriends for a ladies’ night, surprise Mom and Sis before brunch, and definitely bring your future fiancé. 

At a Marrow Fine trunkshow, you’ll get to sit down with a stylist for a personalized, one-on-one consultation... but in a city that’s convenient for you! Since we’ve connected and checked some boxes beforehand, we can immediately dive into all of the pretty things. You’d be surprised at how much goodness we can cover in just 40 minutes.

During your appointment, we can chat about any number of subjects: stacking/wedding bands, custom designs, engagement rings & heirloom rework. We want to learn the stories behind your most beloved heirlooms and how you’d like to reimagine them, help you add to or build a stunning stack to celebrate your recent promotion or little one, and we definitely want to design your dream engagement ring together.

Pre-Appointment Checklist:

Answer all the questions and share all of the inspo. More is more! 

Let us see your stacks before you visit us! Wedding sets, rad right-hand situations—we want to see it all. What items are you wearing and loving every day? What do the heirlooms look like that you’re hoping to rework? Not only does this give us a glimpse into your personal style, but it’ll also help us pull the perfect pieces when we’re packing for the show! What's your inspiration? Show us which Marrow Fine pieces truly inspire you! Share all of those images you’ve saved on Instagram, screenshot to your camera roll or DM’d to your special someone. 

Be thinking about:

  • Stone size, shape & color 
  • Metal color & texture
  • Overall look and feel (i.e., art deco, modern, traditional, etc.)
  • Any and all gemstones you’re looking to work with
  • Is this a solo or stacking friendly piece?

Make a list! Share with us the items that you’re hoping to see. Unfortunately, we cannot bring every single item that’s on our website or else we’d wipe our stores clean every weekend. 

We bring our full stacking collection, a selection of our classic engagement ring styles, and one-of-a-kind pieces will be packed upon request only. If there’s something you’re hoping to see, don’t be afraid to ask! You can check out our travel collection here. 

The B Word. While talking about money can be a little uncomfortable, please come prepared with a realistic budget. Having a number in mind is super important because our goal is to make recommendations and navigate the appointment in the most cost-efficient direction for you and your partner. 

If you’re wanting to chat about heirloom rework or custom designs, we encourage you to hop on a quick video or phone call beforehand! We want to share our process ahead of time so we can start redesigning your pieces as soon as we meet IRL. 

What Happens After The Appointment?

After we have a chance to sit, play and hammer out the details of your order, we’ll collect payment in full for all line collection items and collect an intro deposit for any custom projects you’d like to begin. Come Monday, our production team gets to work submitting your orders ASAP. Our line collection items take about 4-6 weeks to make while custom projects can around 8-12 weeks. Any heirloom items that are left at the appointment will be hand-delivered to our design studio in San Diego and carefully inspected before we officially begin any work. Your Trunk Show Manager will be your very own Marrow Fine stylist during this process and act as your personal project manager and point of contact. If you have questions, they have the answers! 

Not quite ready to rock and roll during the Trunk show? No sweat. Take a beat and think about it! Your Trunk Show Manager will follow up with you and share your appointment notes the following week. If you want to work with us, we totally want to work with you whenever you’re ready!

Book an appointment to shop Marrow IRL below.

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