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Jillian’s Notes

"Up close, the intricate detailing of the scarab beetle shines through - the diamond center to the Art Deco lines and curved legs."

Jillian Sassone – Creative Director & Founder

Scarab Protection Bracelet

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Design Details & Specs

While creating this piece, I drew the scarabs to look like simple chain links from a distance. As you get closer to the piece, you start to see all of her detailing: the diamonds on the center scarab, the subtle Art Deco lines, and the intricate legs. I wanted to include the legs (most scarab jewelry omits the legs) which was tricky until we finally curved them back into the body. That worked beautifully to make the scarab more realistic but also functional where she won't snag on clothing.

Features approx .07ctw diamonds.
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Scarab Protection Bracelet


white gold
Scarab Protection Bracelet
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