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FORTUNES Collection

Fortunes is a love letter to my favorite era of jewelry—the Victorian era. I love the stone cuts and color palette, the use of enamel and the deep symbolism of its motifs.

Greece Collection

Inspired by the hues found in Greece's rich culture

Sapphire Collection

One-of-a-kind designs all centered around this obsession-worthy stone of many colors.

Ballerina Capsule

Pretty, elegant, and dainty yet substantial, the vintage-inspired ballerina rings of this capsule are the graceful embodiment of their namesake.

Lover's Capsule

A collection of ring sets that complement each other, fit together, and make the perfect pair—just like you and your partner.

Sunset Collection

Each design embodies the colors and feelings of a particular time in the designer's life.

Minuette Collection

Designed with pricepoint in mind.

Til Death Collection

Vintage-inspired but effortlessly modern.

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