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White vs. Yellow vs. Rose Gold Metal: Which is Best for You?

December 20, 2019

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When you’re caught in the flurry of engagement excitement, part of the fun is engagement and wedding ring hunting. As you know, the devil’s in the details...and one of those details is color. The sky's the limit when it comes to choosing a gorgeous piece for your finger. The options might seem overwhelming, but choosing the gold color gives you a base for all of the other choices you’ll have to make.

Gold comes in various colors, each with its own charm. Here’s Marrow Fine’s guide to finding the right color for your engagement ring!

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White Gold vs. Yellow Gold vs. Rose Gold Metal

It can be challenging to choose a metal selection for the emblem that represents the love of your life. We’ll take you on a journey to get a closer look of the types of gold you can choose for your ring.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is sweet and warm, usually a combination of pure gold with a little bit of zinc and copper (also our personal fave here at Marrow!). A higher karat number indicates a higher percentage of gold content, but more gold also makes a ring less durable.

Yellow gold looks amazing on anyone, bringing out warm tones and adding a touch of brightness to any outfit. 

However, since yellow gold has a high karat yellow hue, it can be easily dented and scratched—gold is soft, remember? That means yellow gold needs to be polished regularly. This type of gold looks stunning for a modern and vintage style wedding or engagement. It is the most popular model for weddings because it’s flexible, making it an excellent choice for resizing at a later date.

White Gold

Elegant and striking, white gold is an alloy combined with metals like palladium, nickel, or manganese. White gold also contains nickel, creating strength and durability.

If you love the platinum look but want something more affordable, then white gold is a fantastic choice. White gold is also slightly stronger than yellow gold. As a result, it’s less susceptible to denting and scratching. However, it requires some meticulous maintenance. It’s vital to clean and polish it every few years to retain its color and luster. Luckily, this is an affordable service that many jewelers can offer.

Quick note: One common problem with white gold is that if it contains nickel components, it can cause an allergic reaction to some people with sensitive skin. If you have a nickel allergy, then it’s best to ask the jeweler for a nickel-free alloy. 

White gold has a sophisticated appearance. It’s an option right between yellow gold and platinum—more durable than yellow gold but not as expensive as platinum.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a lush and feminine choice with copper alloy and gold components. It’s sometimes referred to as pink gold or red gold. It was popular in Russia during the 19th century and is also referred to as the Russian gold. Its rosy hue gives it vintage vibes that are perfect for brides with a penchant for classic style.

Rose gold is gaining popularity for people who want a wedding ring with a romantic and unique look. Rose gold dazzles in various settings, but it’s most appealing in a classic wedding. 

You can combine rose gold with yellow or white gold to create an astonishing multicolored appeal for our Marrow Babes who wears the ring. 

This soft and romantic metal is strong and durable because of its copper component. However, copper can cause allergic reactions, so it’s essential to check if your loved one is allergic to that metal or not. 

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What to Look for in an Engagement Ring?

When it comes to looking for an engagement ring, there are some factors to consider:


If you’ve already got a jewelry collection, you might notice you’ve developed an affinity for one metal type over another. If you have white gold earrings, the natural choice for you might be a white gold ring. If you have multicolor jewelry, a rose engagement ring will be a seamless addition to your collection.


Someone with an active lifestyle typically prefers jewelry with strength and durability. Keep in mind that rose gold and white gold are the strongest, while yellow gold is more susceptible to dents and scratches.

At Marrow Fine, we tap into modern creativity and classic elegance. Learn about our story here.


Fashion sense

A fashionista who keeping up with the latest styles and trends might be interested in acquiring a white gold engagement ring. However, if their style leans towards something more vintage and classy, then they might prefer yellow or rose gold.

Type of stone

The type of stone you choose depends on the setting. A white diamond is a classic, so it looks great with all three gold colors. However, a more brightly colored diamond may look best with a rose or yellow gold setting. The brilliant hues of sapphire are sure to stun in a white gold setting but love sapphires most in yellow gold.

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Personal Color Preferences

If you desire color harmony, then it’s essential to know that specific colors complement one another. For example, White gold can enhance the beauty of a high-grade colorless diamond but can accentuate the unwanted yellow hue in diamonds with a light color. On the other hand, they can enhance the vividness of a yellow diamond through its powerful contrast.

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Keep it Clean

Sterling silver requires constant maintenance, and so it’s more troublesome than white metal. It must be regularly polished to avoid buildup and tarnish. At Marrow, we typically stay away from working with silver. 

Keep in mind that gold and platinum do not tarnish, but can be dulled out from oily skin, cream, make up, cleaning products, and other substances. You can use soap and water to clean your platinum or gold jewelry. 

Some Popular Metals to Check Out

If you’re curious about popular types of metal, here’s what you need to know about three popular alloys:

Pure Gold

Pure gold, or 24K, is often referred to as yellow. Its malleability makes it too soft to be used in jewelry. If you combine copper and silver to pure gold, it can add some significant strength and durability to it. Keep in mind that the more alloy that it uses, the less pure gold content will be, therefore, reducing the price.

When it comes to white gold, this is a combination of copper, nickel, zinc, or palladium mix with pure gold. Rose gold is made with a combination of copper and yellow. The result obtained is a glowing and soft pinkish hue that has become a phenomenal trend in the jewelry industry. 

Another mixture is green gold, which is the combination of gold with silver, zinc, and copper. If your loved one is allergic to nickel, make sure that your white gold is rhodium plated, or void of all nickel components. Since there’s no nickel in yellow, green, or rose gold, then these are excellent choices for people with sensitive skin.

White platinum

Platinum is judged for its rarity, purity, and strength. It’s considered one of the most sought after and precious metals. It’s naturally white and does not cause any color change, and it’s also hypoallergenic, which makes it an excellent gift for sensitive skin. 

However, platinum jewelry is often more durable than other available metals. Some individuals might prefer this because of its solidity and heft, while others prefer something lighter.

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The Final Choice

Every wedding ring has various metals that you can choose from. It can be challenging to differentiate between the different kinds. Now you know a little bit about the differences between white, rose, and yellow gold. Ultimately, the choice is up to you and your loved one. Just know that you can’t go wrong! 

Any choice you make will be a perfect commemoration of your affection and the beginning of your lives together. After you choose the gold color, you’re well on your way. Then, you just need to choose the center stone and setting type.

At Marrow Fine, we have plenty of variety to choose from. You can browse our selection of alternative engagement rings with innovative design and well-crafted structure. If you’re more traditional, our broader selection of rings includes classic rings and vintage chic. Our stone variety includes diamonds, sapphires, opal, moonstone, and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out Marrow Fine to get the jewelry to commemorate your love.

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