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The Signet Ring: A Timeless Statement Piece

August 18, 2021

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The old school signet ring is a traditional jewelry staple that’s become some of our favorite statement pieces to design.

These metal-heavy signet designs look real good on the finger, put your favorite gemstones on a pedestal and make a super bold statement amongst your everyday jewelry! Read along to learn we think they’re the perfect piece to kick off your TBH (To Be Heirlooms) collection. 

The Signet Ring's History

So what exactly is a signet ring? A signet ring typically has a flat precious metal surface with an engraving of an establishment’s seal, a family’s crest/coat of arms, or even someone's initials. 

When the engraving is carved into a semi-precious gemstone like amethyst, onyx or carnelian it is called an intaglio! (Not to be confused with a cameo, which is carved out of a semi-precious gemstone like coral or mother of pearl.) Fun fact: Pharaohs were actually the very first to incorporate seals into a ring.

Signet rings have been used for centuries to sign and authenticate important legal documents and letters by kings, queens, nobility, clergy, etc. Signets signified the power and authority of the wearer, while preventing any forgeries or false orders being handed down.

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The engraving on a signet ring used to be carved as the reverse or mirror image so it would read correctly when the ring was pressed into a dollop of melted wax. There’s been dozens of designs and purposes for signet rings throughout the years, but long before we were collecting them as souvenirs to remember our high-school and college days, signets have been used to share secret messages, communicate coordinates and stash a deadly dose of poison—wild, right? 

While you could use a signet ring for espionage or keeping your frenemies closer, we’ve taken a more sentimental approach to these statement designs. We want signet rings to feel like a personal talisman that empowers you, brings you good luck, and reminds you of your loved ones and most special days.

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Moon Phase Signets

Our Under the Perfect Moon collection is the perfect way to pinpoint an important date in your life and honor your loved ones. We have 5 different lunar phases for you to choose from for these special signet designs: New Moon (which features black diamonds), Full Moon, Gibbous Moon, Quarter Moon and Crescent Moon. 

We like to think of these signet rings as the perfect way to honor a special time in your life, like a meaningful anniversary, an important birth date, or the passing of a major milestone.

Boyfriend Signet Collection

Jillian, the co-owner and found of Marrow, designed her husband Tim a major statement piece (the Men’s Rose Cut Diamond signet) that she couldn’t help but want for herself... just a bit smaller.

Currently available with onyx, opal or a rose cut white diamond, we love the way this ring acts as a statement piece without being overpowering to any other jewelry in your collection.

But in true Marrow fashion, she’s got great stacking appeal thanks to her sleek silhouette. Dress her up with a Cosmic Light Open Shank Band or Triangle Nesting for a little extra sparkle to the look. 

Men’s Signet Ring Designs

Not every man is into jewelry, but for the ones who love a good statement piece as much as we do, we’ve designed a few men’s signet rings for the special guys out there looking for a little something extra. 

Besides the rose cut Signet Ring mentioned earlier, we also designed a color-changing Spinel Signet Ringand a red Spinel Signet Ring for some lucky Marrow men out there. Each of these designs offers a serious statement look, while keeping it masculine and edgy.

Statement Signets

Hand-carved from his original artwork, ​​Sean W. Spellman helped us imagine this goddess of a ring. Hera is the embodiment of what it means to be a woman: confident, independent and open to letting good into your life. Gift this piece to the women in your life as a reminder that they are enough!

Something Blue Signet: During our collaboration with ManiMe, we introduced the the Something Blue Signet to our permanent line collection She’s the perfect right-hand accent (cough, gift from the groom) and pop of color for your big day.

Custom Heirloom Signet Designs

Have you been thinking about reimagining your heirlooms but you’re wanting to keep the design timeless and simple? A signet ring is the perfect way to let your most sentimental gemstones be the star of show. 

You can showcase a stone's vibrant hues, outline its unique shape and highlight its intricate faceting. Not only is the piece going to be unique to you and one of a kind, but you’re protecting that heirloom stone with a custom-designed mounting. 

There’s something special about the signet ring style that just speaks to us as an heirloom. Whether you’re snagging one of our line collection rings or reworking hand-me-downs into your own signature signet, we hope you and your loved ones covet these precious pieces for years to come!

Wanna chat with a Marrow stylist about creating the signet ring of your dreams? Book an appointment here.

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