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Summer Style: 5 Jewelry Trends We're Loving

July 19, 2022

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Summertime Sparkle

We don’t love to be trend-followers; after all, jewelry is personal and should always be up to the wearer to decide what they love...but we also have a good pulse on what our clients are wearing and what is brewing in the near future.

So without further ado, here are five jewelry trends we’re loving for this summer.

Trend#1: Pops of Color

Steering away from the monochromatic vibes that heavily influenced design in the seasons past, this summer is all about adding color to your wardrobe—even down to your jewels.

Our babes are adding color in a variety of ways: from dramatic statement rings with alternative gemstones, to adding a touch of pastel hues to their bridal sets. 

We love it all, and we’re hoping this trend lasts through the summer—we’re pretty confident it will, even as we move into colder months.

One favorite way to add a pop of color (without breaking the bank) is by adding a sentimental touch via our birthstone collection.

Each ring in this collection was designed to be integrated seamlessly into your existing collection: no need to feel like you have to rethink your entire aesthetic because you added a major statement piece. These delicate designs offer more than enough sparkle with all the best elements of subtlety.

Marrow Fine Jewelry Ruby Arch July Birthstone Stacking Band [Yellow Gold] Marrow Fine Jewelry Ruby Arch July Birthstone Stacking Band [Yellow Gold]

Ruby Arch Band - July


Marrow Fine Jewelry Tourmaline Solitaire October Birthstone Stacking Ring [Yellow Gold] Marrow Fine Jewelry Tourmaline Solitaire October Birthstone Stacking Ring [Yellow Gold]

Tourmaline Solitaire Stacking Ring - October


Trend #2: Metal-heavy designs

A trend that keeps on giving: we don’t see metal heavy designs going anywhere soon! The thicker bands, the substantial finger coverage, the modern vibe…we love it all.

We love the cigar band look, which offers a more substantial statement than a thinner band might on its own. 

We’re also designing a lot of bezeled engagement rings lately, and while our love for the more traditional prong setting won’t diminish, we do love the additional design appeal (and stone safety!) that bezel designs offer.

Trend #3: Pavé Ring Shanks

What once felt a bit dated in the jewelry design world, pavé shanks are back and better than ever! Pavé is a fun way to add a bit of extra sparkle to your stack, without having to go overboard or commit to a design that you may not love for years to come.

Trend #4: Organic Shapes

In the same vein as metal-heavy designs, these organic shaped jewelry designs feel fresh and modern without being too “out there.” We love adding a bit of funky style to wedding bands, and our latest Reflection bands reflect (see what we did there?) that sentiment.

Other bands, like the Lucy or the Everyday Summit, make for great right hand rings. You don’t need to be betrothed to rock fun jewelry. Freeform designs offer the modern edge without reading too bridal, and we love that for everyone.

Trend #5: Enamel Designs

Once a thing of the past (literally—enamel designs have been around forever!), enamel design work is back and better than ever. Enamel is a very time-intensive process (You can learn more about that process here!) but offers so much playfulness with the vibrancy you can obtain with different colors.

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Enamel is on the more delicate side, so we always recommend taking off your enamel jewelry when around any chemicals (including hair spray and shampoo!), but it still remains one of our trendiest jewelry styles to date—going strong almost 2 years later and still a fan fave!

View all of our enamel designs.

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