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Coming Up Roses: (Re)Introducing the Rose Cut Diamond Collection

July 16, 2019

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A Note From The Designer

While I’ve yet to meet a diamond I didn’t like, I’ve grown *especially* fond of rose cut diamonds. I just LOVE their versatility and how amazing they look in almost any type of jewelry! So, what makes these babes so special?

Rose Cut Diamonds

This antique cut, which got its name because it resembles the shape of a rosebud, originated in the 1500s, which you probably wouldn’t guess since the rose cut diamond's simple lines give them a modern and fresh feel.

These beauties are also unique because of the geometric shapes created by their 24 sparkly facets. And since this specific type of cut has a flat bottom, not only do rose cuts look bigger (um, yes please!), they're also great for everyday wear because they’re low profile which makes them less likely to catch on things. 

Nontraditional Diamond Looks

Our rose cut rings and jewelry are perfect for Marrow babes looking for something less traditional than brilliant cut diamonds. We love an antique diamond cut in a modern design, and our rose cut rings add variety to nearly any ring stack!

Shop the Rose Cut Collection

I really love mixing and matching the pieces of our Rose Cut Collection with each other and within my personal collection! We hope you’ll fall in love with these pieces as much as we have. Shop the collection here!

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