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July Birthstone: All About Rubies

June 17, 2021

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Just in time to celebrate all those July birthstone babies out there, we’ve launched our ruby birthstone collection & can’t wait to see who snags these one-of-a-kind designs! Learn more about the entire collection and why we’re obsessed with this stunning gemstone!

From the latin word ruber (meaning “red”), rubies are the exact same color that’s used to represent our most burning and overpowering emotions: love, anger, passion and danger. Their pure red to slightly purplish red hue is caused by the element Chromium.

This gem is a piece of historical lure and, to many cultures, a national treasure. Rubies have been admired and sought after by ancient aristocrats and medieval noblemen for thousands of years. (One record can account for rubies being traded along the North Silk Road of China as far back as 200 BC.) 

Today their popularity has pretty much gone unphased—rubies are still highly coveted and ranked among the Big Four of precious stones along with Diamonds, Sapphires, and Emeralds. 

Since corundum is a 9 on the Mohs Hardness Scale (just below a diamond, which is a 10) they’re super hard, resilient and perfect for everyday wear. Regardless of shade, if you’re thinking about snagging a ruby, we say pick your pretty poison because you really can’t go wrong! It’s all about personal preference when it comes to colored stones. 

Some Fun Ruby Facts:

Let’s get to know these gorgeous gems a little bit more, shall we?

  • Rubies played a major role in the invention of the modern laser in 1960. Recognize the red beam? The light emanating was caused by a synthetic ruby’s red fluorescent color. 
  • In 600 AD, ancient Burmese warriors would not only carry rubies into battle, but they would set them into their flesh to make them invincible. 
  • Harry Winston created a commemorative pair of ruby Slippers set with 4600 rubies to honor the 50th Anniversary of the Wizard of Oz. 
  • Almost 90% of the world’s rubies are found in Myanmar, with the rest coming from Afghanistan, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. 
  • Because of the similarity in color to the blood flowing in their veins, early cultures prized rubies and believed they held the power of life. 
  • Ruby is the birthstone for July and the anniversary stone for the 15th and 40th wedding anniversary

The July Birthstone Capsule

July babies, go ahead and blow out your candles! We’ve been thinking about you and we have a feeling you’re going to be obsessed with our new Ruby Collection (because we sure are.)  

Ruby Earrings

Spreading the sparkly love to your ear lobes has never been more popular thanks to piercing parties and curated styling. Add a small but powerful pop of red with our Ruby Baguette Studs or make a freaking statement with our new Ruby Ear Crawlers. Mix and match by snagging a single earring or a pair.

Ruby Stackers

We’ve updated three of your most popular pave stackers! Yes, our Simple Wave, Whisper Half Eternity and Cosmic Lights Bands are all now available with rubies. We looove how adding a fiery streak of red to your stack can create a bold, yet romantic colorstory. 

Ruby Bezels

It’s no secret that we love a bezel setting here at Marrow Fine. They’re chic, sleek and low profile on the finger. Not only does this simple solitaire mounting accentuate the stunning and unique shape of a gemstone but it let’s her be the star of the freaking show. 

Ruby Three-Stones

Recently, we’ve been over the moon with half moon side stones. They’re the perfect accent to these ancient, almost spiritual, gemstones. Not only did we create one, but THREE different Ruby 3-stone rings for this July birthstone drop. 

Have questions about these ruby beauties or need something in a pinch? We’re here to help!

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