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A Note From Jillian: FORTUNES our Modern Day Talismans

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May 8, 2023

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A note from Jillian:

I've been in a reflective mood this past year and can’t help but think of how much Marrow as well as myself have evolved over these past seven years. 

The FORTUNES collection is a culmination of my past experiences and tastes and an exploration into what could be. This was an immersive deep dive into my personal favorite era of jewelry — the Victorian era.

"The symbols of the era called to me…"

I love everything about the jewels from this era— the enamel work which inspired our TIL DEATH band is woven into this collection. I also love the stone palette: rose cut white and black diamonds, moonstone, pearl and chalcedony all feel special together and tell a beautiful story. And finally the symbols of the era called to me…. I wanted to create a collection that felt familiar (through reimagining vintage motifs) but presenting them in a new modern way that feels very Marrow.


The 7 FORTUNES band is the central piece to the entire collection — this is where it all started. After identifying 7 symbols from the Victorian era that I resonated with—I set to work to create a modern day talisman of sorts. An 8 mm enamel band in Midnight blue or black with the following gold motifs:

• Serpent - the lover

• Hand - the faithful friend

• Bow - the keeper (special moments past and future)

• Scarab - the protector

• Swallow - the traveler

• Rose - the optimist (hope & joy)

• Moon & Stars - the sage (inner guidance)

Seven Fortunes - Black Enamel Ring

I was reading Rick Rubin’s new book, The Creative Act, in tandem while designing this collection and was inspired to go further and push my own limits and comfort zone. There were many more prototypes and iterations of each design than we’ve ever created before, but I am presenting a collection where I am madly in love with every single design. Almost to the point where I don’t know which I want to add to my personal collection first. I finally did decide and added a midnight blue 7 Fortunes as a thumb ring and I am loving her.

INAMORATA - The Serpent

Other standouts to the collection are the INAMORATA WHITE DIAMOND SERPENT RING which was inspired by Queen Victoria’s emerald and ruby serpent engagement ring—which was quite the statement at the time. I envision pairing this beauty with our TIL DEATH enamel bands.

The Keeper and The Optimist

The ALL WRAPPED UP CIGAR BAND and ROSE SIGNET are both a modern chunky twist on traditionally dainty and sweet jewelry designs. I really wanted to reclaim the bow in a more powerful (metal heavy) way and I love that she represents both memories made and yet to come.

"...a piece that I can imagine being passed down"

The GOLD DIPPED BAROQUE choker was a true labor of love and took more prototyping than any other piece we’ve ever created. How do you make an organic fresh water pearl look to be half or completely dipped in gold?? We eventually got there and the final result is absolutely stunning. I can imagine this piece on the red carpet or with a white tank top— she feels that versatile. I’m so curious to see how our clients will wear her.

The idea for this piece came from Elton John's farewell concert, where he wore a pearl choker. We wanted to elevate the look with "gold dipped" pearls, and after a lot of R&D, the final result is absolutely worth it. It's avant-garde, special, and a piece that I can imagine being passed down.

Something Different,

But Completely Marrow

There is always a sense of exposure when sharing a new collection—FORTUNES feels different but I am so ready for it. You may know that rings are my favorite category to design, but I wanted to push and explore more in necklaces, bracelets and earrings (which felt like such a breath of fresh air). 

I hope this collection resonates with you and that you can see where pieces may mix in effortlessly with both vintage and existing Marrow pieces alike. If you’re curious to learn more about each FORTUNES design and the inspiration behind it, you can see the entire collection HERE. As always, thank you so much for your support… all of the little notes and messages of encouragement mean more than you could ever know!                        

                                                 Xx Jillian


yellow gold yellow gold

Seven Fortunes - Black Enamel


yellow gold yellow gold

Scarab Protection Bracelet


One of a Kind
1.99ct Pink Sapphire Petals Ring - Marrow Fine 1.99ct Pink Sapphire Petals Ring - Marrow Fine

1.99ct Pink Sapphire Petals Ring

yellow gold yellow gold

Black Diamond Serpent Swing Earrings


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