Craftsmanship Warranty:  We provide a one-year warranty on the craftsmanship of all of our jewelry from the date of completion. During the first year, we will repair your piece free of charge for any structural integrity flaws.Please be mindful that it is important to add fine jewelry to a homeowners, renters, or individual policy; this will protect against loss, damage or theft of jewelry.  It is your responsibility to ship and insure your jewelry; Marrow Fine Jewelry will return your jewelry via insured shipment.  Center stones are not under warranty, please insure your piece. 

Stone Warranty:We will replace melee diamonds within the first 6 months (2mm and smaller) free of charge.  Should there be damage to the piece (missing prong, etc), Marrow will replace the diamonds/stones at cost to the client.  Other stones (emeralds, opals, sunstones, other colored gemstones, etc) can be replaced at cost + shipping to the client. Please be mindful that sunstones and opals have a similar hardness to a wine glass and can easily crack or chip if they are not cared for properly.  Emeralds are considered a brittle stone and can chip as well.

What is your shipping/insurance process?
All shipping costs will be at client's expense.  All shipments from Marrow Fine are sent overnight delivery (where applicable) and are fully insured.  For any repairs, shipping is the client’s responsibility. Marrow will not be responsible for lost or stolen packages.  Please be sure to insure and track any pieces you ship to Marrow should repairs be needed.

Do you do jewelry repair?
We guarantee the integrity of our own work, and will go above and beyond to ensure our customers are thrilled with their experience.  We do not offer repair service on other jeweler’s or designer’s work.

Do you source stones? 
Yes!  Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt!  We have our own internal QA team and work with fully vetted/trusted partners.   

Does Marrow do appraisals?  

Do you sell globally?
Yes - With the help of Google Hangouts, high resolution photographs, a flexible work schedule, and world class insurance, Marrow jewelry can be available across the globe.  Please note each country has different taxes and duties that may need to be paid to clear your items. All customs fees, taxes and duties are the client’s responsibility.