About Marrow

The idea behind the name Marrow is that we are all connected by the star stuff in our bones. The company didn’t start as a company at all, just a passion. It started with designing custom work for friends and friends of friends who had jewelry boxes full of rings and necklaces that they weren’t wearing. 

Taking the “good bones” of an old piece and recreating it into something that friends and clients can’t wait to wear each morning.  Sometimes it’s an inherited bauble that needs an update…or a beautiful stone from a breakup that needs an infusion of new energy.  The act of melting the metal and setting the stone in a new way can feel therapeutic and healing. 

The custom work starts with you! An idea that has been swirling in your head, a blend of your favorite Pinterest pins, something that you saw on the street that you want to put your own twist on. I sketch it up and once we absolutely adore it, my designers work it up in a computer model. I tweak it if needed and send the rendering to you for final approval. Then we cast, set and polish it. The entire custom process usually takes 4-6 weeks. Nothing is better than when I get a text, email or see an Instagram from a client who just received their new custom piece. I really don’t know who is more excited?! I love you and I love your bones.