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Marrow began
as a passion

for jewelry, serving as a creative outlet and a means for connecting with other inspired females.  After being in a corporate grind for 15 years, Jillian started Marrow as a passion project.  It allowed the rock nerd in her to flourish while tapping into a stream of creativity that was ready to come forth in the form of new jewelry designs.  

Like many passion projects, Marrow snowballed very quickly into a living breathing company.  It started with reworking clients’ heirloom stones.  Everyone has a box or drawer full of old baubles with heaps of sentimental value… they just need to be liberated with a fresh design eye.

To offset the wildly popular custom work and waiting lists, Marrow has evolved into offering capsule collections that play with unique stone combinations and distinct design.

Our Philosophy

Everyday Fine… that is our philosophy.  Fine jewelry shouldn’t be reserved for only special occasions like fine china that only comes out for the holidays.  Invest in high quality pieces that will endure and become heirloom pieces in their own right.  We hope to shift the cultural norm that ‘more is more’ and lead a new era of consumers who value a quality over quantity mantra.

Who is a Marrow Babe?

She’s a bit of a mystery. She carries the wisdom of the ages while anticipating the future and what is to come.  She is full of hope and love, a hopeless romantic who will call BS when she sees it.  She’s a revolutionary, in the best possible way.

There is a grit to her… she is a modern day goddess.  You always want to be seated next to her at a dinner party.  You will leave her feeling revitalized and inspired--ready to conquer the world.

She goes deep, she wants to get the bones...the Marrow of herself, those she loves and the issues she holds near and dear to her heart.

She makes her own magic.

Jillian Sassone

About the

Founder | Lead Designer | Creative Director

I love jewelry...plain and simple. The little details, the story behind an heirloom piece we’re reworking, meeting clients and hearing their stories, and ultimately turning their visions into reality. And while I laaaave a sparkly big beautiful diamond, it’s often the sentimental pieces or an interesting combination of stones that gets me the most excited.

I didn’t always love my job, in fact I did something for a paycheck for far too long. I wasn’t creatively fulfilled and there really is no amount of money that could fill that void that was missing. Starting Marrow was scary. I had to put myself out there and push out the naysayers quite often. I would hear things like, “But you have a great job.” “No one is thriving in the jewelry industry these days.” and my favorite “If everyone followed their dreams, nothing would get done.” I heard it all. But anything that is going to be really good and ultimately the most rewarding, is probably going to be fucking terrifying. The day I quit my corporate job to pursue Marrow full time was the 4th best day of my life (marrying hot dad and giving birth to my daughters are in a three way tie).

And now here I am, tackling new projects and tasks that I often have zero experience in, but I find people that do. And I love this...every bit of it and the best part are our clients. I want to create a culture, a Marrow babe tribe that gives a damn. We’re more than pretty things and while we are obsessed with the details and creating the most beautiful jewels, there is a community that is rising together. This is the most exciting time of my life. Thank you for coming along on this ride.

The Team

Tim Sassone

General Manager

I grew up in NYC and thrived on the fast pace and diversity the city offers. In 2011, we moved to Southern California where I found balance and a great appreciation for living near the ocean.  Jill and I are raising our two beautiful daughters right here at the beach.

I spent the first 15 years of my professional career in sales leadership and marketing working for world class organizations. I was exposed to great mentors who taught and believed in me and I am grateful for those experiences. Somehow, I always knew my spirit was better served in an entrepreneurial capacity and once the right opportunity presented itself, I jumped.

I am inspired by Marrow daily. I love our customers, employees, and partners and welcome the opportunity we have to make a broader positive impact. We all have beautiful bones. I look forward to continuing to develop a culture and brand that we can all be proud of.

Charlotte Barrows

Buyer | Designer

One of my favorite stories to tell is the story of how I came to work for Marrow. My love for jewelry started at a young age. My fifth birthday party and many after took place at the local bead shop where I could make fun, wearable art, thus beginning an obsession with anything sparkly and beautiful.

But, as many of us, I fell into the trap of thinking I could never have a salient career in something I enjoy that much, especially jewelry. So I earned my Masters degree and became a therapist, while still taking jewelry classes and studying gemology more than my actual school work. I discovered Marrow after my daily jewelry perusing sesh on Instagram and once I noticed they were local, I knew I had to meet Jillian. I went to a few trunk shows, talked her ear off and listened as intently as I could. She invited me to the Tuscon Gem Show with her as an intern (a long-time dream of mine), and I called in sick from my job every morning the week of the show. After talking with Jillian in Tucson about manifesting goals for our lives, I started writing down every night that I wanted a fulfilling and happy career in the jewelry industry.

Two weeks later, Jillian asked me to come on the team, and I had zero hesitation. I, and everyone who knew me, knew this was a huge step towards doing what I love and, ultimately, happiness. This is the most fun and rewarding job I have ever had, and I love coming to work everyday to work with rad clients and source beautiful gems!

Victoria Schulte

Showroom Manager

Before joining the Marrow Fine team, I had a pretty eclectic background, but I still hadn’t found a job that felt right. I so badly wanted to work in a creative environment with energetic people where I could learn new things and utilize my love for all things organization- and process-driven. (Weird, I know.) I decided I needed a big change. So I gave notice at my job without a real plan.

Fast forward 24 hours: I saw that Marrow (who I’d been obsessed with on Instagram) was hiring. I don’t think I’ve ever written an email with more nerves or excitement. A couple days later, Tim and I had a great phone call; he asked me to come in and meet everyone in person. I left that meeting knowing Marrow was amazing—I wanted in. And as luck would have it, after a couple more meetings, they offered me a position. So here I am: excited everyday to be surrounded by beautiful jewelry and inspiring people who all have their own strengths that push Marrow to be the best it can be.