March 27, 2018


This is my favorite line to date… I know I always say that, but it’s true! We worked on the designs for 7 months and sourced stones from all over the globe to bring each piece to life. I was inspired by the faded tiles of Marrakesh… the pinks and greens reminded me so much of Oregon sunstone and blue green tourmaline.

So that was where we started… our muse was 1970s Bianca Jagger. What might she wear with her hair wrapped in a turban? Queue our Bianca hoops: big oversized hoops with a delicate diamond dangling from a dainty chain. Once the line was complete, we needed to find the perfect backdrop to shoot our new lovelies. I wanted something with Moroccan tiles (man, did I get it)! Scroll on….

We teamed up with Vacation Theory to produce the shoot--you’ve probably seen their Gorman and Bando shoots. If not, they are so so good! We vibed with Anabella and Sage instantly and they procured a dream team of models, photographers (Jesse Chamberlin Marble - EEK!), videographers, food stylists AND found a 15,000 square foot Moroccan-inspired home in Laurel Canyon (Los Angeles) for our shoot location. The tile colorways and patterns completely blew my mind!

We wanted our model team to feel inclusive and the four ladies you see below are simply stunning INSIDE and out. On set was fun and playful and we were giddy over meeting Colleen Heideman who we’ve obsessed over on the @advancedstyle IG feed. If you don’t follow, it’s a must!!

The flower and food styling was a new element to this shoot that was incredible.

There are little details that I love… like our vintage bridal lace inspired wedding band, the subtle dark grey diamonds in one version of the Simple Wave band and the Lunar Signet Rings. There are 5 moon phases so that you can choose a moon that was in the sky on a day you want to honor. We are completely OBSESSED with these (my favorite is the gibbous ring with the little crescent of gold and all of the diamonds)!

I am grateful for this team and I hope that you can feel the love and intention that went into this shoot and each piece. Love your bones. Xx Jillian

Jewelry: Marrow Fine Jewelry @marrowfine_ // Shoot Production: Vacation Theory @vacationtheory // Location: Image Locations @imagelocations //Styling: CLD @cldstyle // Hair: Brian James Borg @brianjamesborg // Makeup: Stephanie Nicole Smith @stephanienicolesmith // Photographer: Jesse Chamberlin Marble @jessechamberlinmarble // Videography: Fiography @fiorella_occhipinti // Food Stylist: Caroline K. Hwang @carolinekhwang // Models: Colleen Heidemann @Colleen_heidemann, Woan Ni @woanster, Morgan Chelf @mnchelf, Tari Elegele @tarielegele