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Marrow x Esquivel: Dream Turned Reality

February 06, 2020

Marrow x Esquivel: Dream Turned Reality

Esquivel Shoes has long been a favorite brand of the Marrow founder, Jillian Sassone. What started out as a mutual friendship on Instagram quickly turned into a creative, colorful collaboration between the brands. Read on to learn more about how the collab started and what inspired the jewels & shoes within the collection!

Love at First Sight

You know that feeling when you discover a new brand and you’re overcome with giddiness because it feels like you’re now in on a well-kept secret? That’s how I felt when I first discovered Esquivel; it was love at first mule. Who the heck was Esquivel and how were they not on my radar?The silver shoes were hand-painted, well made and felt like something I would own forever. I was smitten. 

I also loved that the brand was accessible—George Esquivel (the designer and founder) always responded with a “gorgeous shot!” comment on IG whenever I tagged their shoes along with my jewels. I too run Marrow’s Instagram (my other full time job!) and I don’t know many other designers/founders who do that. 


Insta Friendship IRL

We formed a friendship via direct messaging on Insta and it wasn’t long before we were trading DM’s on everything, from mutual design admiration to tackling mundane small business issues that come up daily when you’re wearing a bazillion different hats. 


The synergy between our brands was evident from the beginning. Both brands have a husband-and-wife team at the helm. While Marrow has well over 100 line pieces available, we are known mostly for our custom, bespoke ring creations.  

Esquivel’s clients are looking for something that feels one-of-a-kind—definitely not mainstream—and have a “quality over quantity” mindset. The same can be said about our Marrow Babes, so when George asked if I would be interested in a collaboration between our brands, it was a no brainer. I said Y E S without hesitation.   

Dreams Turned Reality

We talked through so many ideas surrounding the shoes and I laaaaave where we landed:  jewel-inspired boots, mules, and slides.The base colors that George created for our collaboration are seriously next level.

The gold/platinum and platinum/black combinationsare hand-crafted through a laborious process, but the supple richness cannot be matched. The outcome is subtle sparkly leather amazingness! 

After determining the base, it all came together rather quickly. We decided to add barely-there jewel-toned splatters, which were hand-applied to each shoe. The colors echo black onyx, emerald, turquoise, ruby, and pearl—which all pop beautifully against the deep metallic colors. 

Once the shoe samples started coming in, I was inspired to create matching rings (I mean, why not match our shoes to our jewels?). Each jewel cluster ring is completely one-of-a-kind and features the same stones that inspired the collaboration.

I worked exclusively with antique cut diamonds and varying colored gemstones, shapes, and settings. The finished designs are some of my favorites to date—a statement on her own but so easy to stack.


The Collab of Our Dreams

Throughout this collaboration (and even before this collection became a dream-turned-reality), Tim and I have found real friendship and mentorship from Shelley and George. I’m really proud of this collection and I hope you all love the pieces as much as we do!

Shop the ring collection here and don't miss out on the stunning shoes either!

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