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Jewelry Trends We’re Loving for 2021

May 3, 2021

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If you’ve scrolled through our Instagram feed, you know that we love keeping up with the latest trends. Since we’re a custom design house that specializes in gold fine jewelry, we’re able to pick and choose our favorites and totally make them our own. But there’s nothing fast about these everyday fine jewelry fashions! 

 Each and every Marrow Fine design is carefully curated, from the precious metal color and one of a kind mounting, to the hand-selected natural gemstones and antique diamonds. It’s truly a labor of love for our babes—we only want the best quality materials for them!

Here are the top trends we can’t get enough of in 2021. 

Chunkier Settings 

This trend might have our 80s babies experiencing some major déjà vu. In the world of gold fine jewelry… big, bold, heavy metal pieces are back, and we cannot get enough of these mega mountings. Not only do they look good and make a statement, but they feel reeeeal good designing too! 

We love the contrast of a wider band set with mixed-shapes like our White Diamond Shapes Cigar Band or a funky relic ring. The designs are endless when it comes to replicating your own relic ring with a number of gem combinations. 

Cigar bands have also had an insane moment lately, and we’ve released some new designs that feature the signature chunky look of this style. We’re especially obsessed with the Waterfall Cigar Band! Hot tip: be sure to size up a full size when it comes to cigar bands, since they fit much snugger than thinner-shank styles!

One of our favorite new engagement ring styles that is trending lately is the new Georgia Solitaire Engagement Ring. She’s unique, low-profile and a definite statement piece.

 Unique Stone Shapes 

 We welcome the challenge of finding the perfect gemstones for our babes because we looove a good stone hunt at Marrow Fine. Actually, we’re always a step ahead and sourcing interesting cuts and colors from our trusted vendors. When we see something uniquely shaped or with an interesting facet pattern, we can’t help but snag it for our personal collection. Some of our favorite nontraditional shapes right now are:

  • Movals
  • Marquise
  • Hexagon

If you were to take a peek at our inventory right now, you’d see some striking step cuts like the Hexagon and Bullet cut, elegant elongated shapes like the Marquise and Moval, and an array of antique Cushions and Pears. Each stone is rare, untreated and directly from mother nature herself. 

We love this unique shaped stone trend because these types of stones simply speak for themselves! They’re cool and one of a kind, just like their owners. We recommend framing interesting shapes with a bezel or letting them fly solo in a simple solitaire to best fit your everyday fine jewelry. We also love some of the smaller pieces for a right hand ring.

Layering Necklaces

What do you do when you run out of room on your hands? You share the sparkly love and move north to your neck! There’s an art to layering necklaces and this trend has totally allowed us to master it. 

To create the perfect layered look, you should play with different lengths and textures so each piece pops, but complements the entire look you’re trying to achieve. 

Quick styling tip: try layering your necklaces in increments of one to two inches, alternating textures and descending down in thickness. Or what the heck? You can keep adding pieces and adjusting the lengths until you find your signature everyday fine jewelry style. There’s no real “right” or “wrong” way to layer  as long as you love it.

Some of our favorite pieces for layering are our Weightless Paperclip Chain, Jasmine Beaded Chain, Herringbone Chain, Sweet Nothings Black Diamond Necklace and our Under The Perfect Moon necklaces. If you’re feeling funky throw in one of our new Birthstone Lariats! 

To avoid kinks and tangles in your gold fine jewelry, we don’t recommend sleeping in your layers. 

Toi Et Moi Designs

So far in 2021, we’re super thankful for the rediscovery of the Toi Et Moi. French for “you & me”, this classic French design is definitely the top trend in our showroom right now. From custom engagement rings to one of a kind heirloom reworks, we’re obsessed with finding combinations and creating these two-stone styles. You can totally make this trend your own by mixing shapes, colors, shank and prong style. 

Beyond feeling like an absolute queen in this effortless chic style, this trend can be super symbolic and sentimental as well. After all, Toi Et Moi does translate to, “You and Me.” Select birthstones, favorite colors or even a stone that just speaks to you! The stones can represent you and your loved ones in any number of ways and we love it.

Statement Pendants

We love a statement pendant because it’s not just any old necklace here at Marrow Fine. If used properly… the perfect pendant can act as an amulet, good luck charm, and a personal medallion that makes you feel beyond powerful. Every goddess needs a little reminder every once in a while and that’s why we fully support this trend. 

Our La Femme Amulet now comes in a bold new black diamond version. She’s a moody statement piece that was meant to also be layered with existing designs. We also love a bold gold disk on a chain, like our Moon phase pendants.

Everyday Jewelry Made Simple

The best part about these trends is that a lot of them can be achieved or enhanced with pieces you already own. Interested in elevating your everyday fine jewelry style but don’t know where to start? Let’s chat!

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