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A Marrow Fine Photoshoot: All The Flowers...

June 28, 2018

A Marrow Fine Photoshoot: All The Flowers...


Every few months, I get the itch to shoot and create— I want to see our pieces in a new way.  I was inspired by a pressed flower manicure I came across on Pinterest or Instagram and I started thinking about taking the idea further.  Could we just use flowers to style the models?  No clothes?!  Could we “floralize” them in a way that we haven’t seen before?  The answer is YES!!  It just took getting this group of dream babes together and the rest unfolded just like magic.....


Hailley Howard had me at “Magical Realism.” That’s the style she shoots in and I was intrigued when I saw this self-described style on her IG profile.  After working with her... I would add dreamy—“Dreamy Magical Realism” is definitely her style!

As most IG friendships start, I slid into her DMs and pitched my concept: models wearing our spring line and flowers everywhere!  Think of flowers as the wardrobe (no clothes or very little of it)!  She loved it and knew of a great studio in downtown LA to shoot... we were off and running.

I mean look at these shots!!??!  Hailley was shooting through soap solution and a bubble wand to create these dreamy shots with our Marrow babe @steviehammork

At other moments, she was pulling out different colored gels to shoot through or a feather to soften the shot, like this:

It was so rad to watch her improvise on the spot and to see this creativity in motion. Because of the nature of the shoot (little to no clothing, but tastefully done), I wanted an all-female cast of characters and to keep it intimate.


Rachael Lunghi of @sirenfloralco styled the flowers or “floralized” the models and she brought buckets and buckets (and more buckets!) of over the top GORG flowers and ferns to create the looks we needed. 

The wonderful bit about Rachael is she is both a florist and a stylist, so this project really married both of these skills.  She ran with the concept and really made it her own... I love homemade floral ice cubes she made and let melt in the sun a bit.  It was a completely different way to style our spring line.


We laaaaaaaave working with @kcwitkamp for hair and makeup.  She’s a pro and wasn’t phased at all about working with flowers on the skin.  The trick to get them to stay in place was using Aquaphor!  Who knew?!  A small dot of it on the skin worked perfectly to hold all of the petals in place.  I loved @kristenpetty’s strong brow and KC made her look like the Goddess of Spring!  I meannnnnn.... 


Our team did little cartwheels when Alex of @coyoteandoak said she wanted to run these photos in her beautiful SoCal publication.  There is just something so special about seeing images in print.  Check out the magazine here!

For me, it’s paramount to keep pushing the boundaries of what we see in fashion.  I want to see more risks, more inclusivity.  Especially in jewelry fashion.  This was such an inspiring collaboration for me and shoot days are truly my most favorite days!  I always come home, fall into bed and relive all of the fun from the day... and usually start planning the next one!

Love your bones. XX, Jillian

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